The FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Stop 2018, edition kicked off in Sri Lanka, at Gateway College, Colombo Basketball Court Complex. Sri Lanka wrapped up two wins in the morning session of day 1, beating India and Nepal in one-point thrillers.

FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Stop | Sri Lanka 2018

Catch the LIVE action of the final phase of FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Shop | Sri Lanka 2018, on the 6th August 2018 from 3.45 PM onwards from Gateway College

Men: Colombo Bulls v Bengal Tigers (Sri Lanka v India)

Colombo Bulls: Dhanuka Muthukudarachchi, Sadharu Wickramasinghe, Rashan Perera, Azir Mohammed.
Bengal Tigers: Sagar Joshi, Manpreet Grewal, Sorav Singha, Varun Pillai.

Sri Lanka took on India in the maiden encounter, clinching a one-point victory courtesy of a final minute shot from downtown. Visitors got a head start but Sri Lanka caught up well, equalizing the game 4 all early on. It was good open basketball played across by both sides, spreading themselves into the corners. It was tight, neck to neck, 11 all with four minutes remaining.

Sri Lanka lacked the defence which made India opt for a host of three pointers, but at the crucial point, Sri Lanka swished the nets off the perimeter. It was 16-18 with two minutes on the clock and a point from India, put Sri Lanka under pressure for the final few seconds. After four attempts from outside the arc, the lucky shot connected with 08 seconds on the clock which paved the maiden victory for the Lankan lads.  

Full time: Colombo Bulls – 20 Bengal Tigers – 19

Men: Lankan Cagers v Nepal (Sri Lanka v Nepal)

Lankan Cagers: Sudesh Paiva, Clinton Thevakumar, Arnold Brent, Timothi Nithushan.
Nepal: Mabindra Bahandari, Ajay Kushwaha, Nischal Maharajan, Ashish.

Sri Lanka`s most experienced campaigners took a little time to settle in to the match. Nepal capitalizing on the slow start by the opposition, led the game up-front. It did rattle the Sri Lankans in terms of their defence and rebounds. Even though Sri Lanka did have the height advantage, Nepal matched it up well.

Nepal led the game 15-11 but Sri Lanka managed to swap back the lead 16-15 with a minute on the clock. Nepal bounced back hard hoping to win the game, leading, 18-17 with seconds ticking, but shot from downtown sealed the deal for the local lads with another one-point win.

Full time: Lankan Cager – 19 Nepal – 18  

Photos: FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Stop | Sri Lanka 2018 | Day 1 | Hiran Weerakkody | 05/08/2018..

Women: Lion Cager v Tamil Nadu Tigers (Sri Lanka v India)

Lion Cager: Lubna Morseth, Nihari Perera, Leia Hamza, Taniya Perera.
Tamil Nadu Tigers: Akshya Adka, Gayathri Loganathan, Monisha, Sirdivya Suriyashekar.

The first match for the Sri Lanka women`s team ended in despair as the Indians ended up with a comfortable 03-point win. Lankan lasses failed to get the best of starts but did equalize the game 3 all at the middle phase.

Sri Lanka lacked both defence and offense. Rebounds, shots from outside arc and passing didn`t seem to click through. Even though India too did not have the best of the outings, the unforced errors of the opposition put them on top. The match was squared off 12 all with 37 seconds in the clock, but shot from the arc took the game away from Sri Lanka.

Full time: Lion Cager: 12 Tamil Nadu Tigers – 15  

Women: Kandy Lions v Nurakka (Sri Lanka v Maldives)

Kandy Lions: Hazeena Abdul, Amali Thenuwara, M. Kamalini, Tashina Ureshani.
Nurakka: Aishath Nazima, Abdul Bari, Fathimath Rishma, Shizna Rasheed.

Maldives topped Sri Lanka with height and Sri Lanka failed to match-up to it.  Local lasses’ fitness levels did not seem to be in a set parameter, which led to slow movements in play. Maldives capitalizing on it, piled up points and got them into a comfortable lead where Sri Lanka couldn`t reach.

Full time: Kandy Lions: 12 Nurakka: 19

Women: Track Masters v Ludhiana Sparx (Sri Lanka v India)

Track Masters: Kumaraine Silva, Anne Ravindran, Buthsarani Illangasinghe, Thisari Kapuge
Ludhinana Sparx: Shabnam Jassal, Amanpreet Kaur, Kirandeep Kaur, Poonam Rani

Here too Sri Lanka did not get the best of starts. Both offence and defence was horrendous. Lacking rebounds and game sense Sri Lanka seemed to have had lost the plot. Yet, towards the latter minutes of the game, the local lasses showed signs of picking up and kept a half step back in the game.  In-fact the game was drawn close to a point margin. The early mistakes from Sri Lanka, cost them the game, as at the end, the clock ran out.

Full time: Track Masters: 11 Ludhiana Sparx: 12