Schools Rugby to recommence

Singer Schools Rugby League


The Singer Schools Rugby League will recommence next week after a break due to a couple of unsavoury incidents during week 7 resulted in the Referee’s Association refusing to officiate in games involving certain teams.

The decision to recommence the League came after a long discussion held together with all the stakeholders present including the Minister of Sports Faiszer Mustapha, the Referee’s Association, the principals of all participating schools and the SLSRA earlier this morning at the Ministry of Sports. The action will return during the next week with all the postponed matches being played.

We’ll lift the ban from Monday, So the referee’s can blow from Monday and all of you can work on your security arrangements” 

All schools were sternly warned about their security management and were informed that as hosts they will be held responsible for any security breaches with regards to the crowd.

The Minister also stated that he would consider if foreign referees are an option in schools games after consulting with the Referee’s Association when asked if this could be a solution as it is something that we see in the Club arena. He further added that he will look into providing the referees adequate funding in order that they may receive technical assistance, which will in turn help them improve.

The President of the Referee’s Association Nizam Jamaldeen stated that the referee’s standards have improved immensely over the years and since the referees are gaining experience through the schools and club seasons, the standards will only get better.

Given all drama in the last week, the schools will now look at hosting games with sufficient security personnel as the Minister has now given the go ahead to arrest any spectator who incites trouble.

Isipathana will host Royal College while the Battle of the Saints will go down at Longdon place in what are the two most looked forward to games of the week. The dates for the games are yet to be finalized.

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