Schools Rugby – ‘B’ Division Fixtures Released!


Relegated Science College will be the favourites in the Division ‘B’ of the Schools Rugby League while Lumbini College and Vidyartha College are set to provide tough competition with fixtures for the tournament officially released.

Schools’ Rugby 2018 fixtures released

The biggest schoolboy event in the country, the Schools’ Rugby League is set to take…

Both Science College and Prince of Wales College Moratuwa will be the teams to watch out for as they battle for promotion after being denied a ‘A’ division position last year.

The Grouping for Division ‘B’ will be as follows:

Science CollegeLumbini College
Vidyartha CollegePrince of Wales College Moratuwa
Ananda College ColomboMaliyadeva College Kurunegala
St. Benedict’s CollegeThurstan College
St. Sylvester’s CollegeMahanama College
Piliyandala MMVRichmond College Galle

At the conclusion of the 1st round, two teams from each group will be promoted to the Plate title hunt along with the two least performing teams of Division ‘A’ groups. Each team will play each other and the top 4 teams in that competition will be promoted to the ‘A’ Division.

The bottom two teams of each of the Division ‘B’ teams will pair up with the top performers in the ‘C’ Division groups to play the Bowl championship.

The Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association (SLSRFA) stated that the venues for the games are still to be confirmed with the availability of grounds as well as referees.

According to SLSRFA the 1st round of games will halt for the holy week during the March 29-31st weekend and for the New Year weekend in April (13th and 14th).

The fixture for the Division ‘B’ will be as follows:

1st Week   5th March to 12th March
 Home teamVisiting teamVenue
Science College Mt. LaviniaPiliyandala MMV PiliyandalaScience grounds
Vidyartha College KandySt. Sylvester’s College KandyBogambara
Ananda College ColomboSt. Benedict’s College ColomboTBC
Lumbini College ColomboRichmond College GalleTBC
Prince of Wales College MoratuwaMahanama College ColomboTBC
Maliyadeva College KurunegalaThurstan College ColomboMaliyadeva grounds
2nd Week 13th March to 19th March
 Home teamVisiting teamVenue
St. Sylvester’s College KandyScience College Mt. LaviniaBogambara
Piliyandala MMV PiliyandalaSt. Benedict’s College ColomboTBC
Vidyartha College KandyAnanda College ColomboNittawela
Mahanama College ColomboLumbini College ColomboTBC
Richmond College GalleThurstan College ColomboKoggala grounds
Prince of Wales College MoratuwaMaliyadeva College KurunegalaTBC
3rd Week   20th March to 26th March
 Home teamVisiting teamVenue
Science College Mt. LaviniaSt. Benedict’s College ColomboScience grounds
St. Sylvester’s College KandyAnanda College ColomboBogambara
Piliyandala MMV PiliyandalaVidyartha College KandyTBC
Lumbini College ColomboThurstan College ColomboTBC
Mahanama CollegeMaliyadeva College KurunegalaTBC
Richmond College GallePrince of Wales College MoratuwaKoggala grounds
4th Week   2nd April to 10th April
 Home teamVisiting teamVenue
Ananda College ColomboScience College Mt. LaviniaTBC
St. Benedict’s College ColomboVidyartha College KandyTBC
St. Sylvester’s College KandyPiliyandala MMV PiliyandalaBogambara
Maliyadeva College KurunegalaLumbini College ColomboMaliyadeva grounds
Thurstan College ColomboPrince of Wales College MoratuwaTBC
Mahanama CollegeRichmond College GalleTBC
 5th Week  19thApril  to 25th April
 Home teamVisiting teamVenue
Science College Mt. LaviniaVidyartha College KandyScience grounds
Ananda College ColomboPiliyandala MMV PiliyandalaTBC
St. Benedict’s College ColomboSt. Sylvester’s College KandyTBC
Lumbini College ColomboPrince of Wales College MoratuwaTBC
Maliyadeva College KurunegalaRichmond College GalleTBC
Thurstan College ColomboMahanama CollegeTBC
Second Round Fixtures
Week 17th to 13th May
Week 214th to 20th May
Week 321st to 27th May
Week 428th May to 3rd June