Royal College Union celebrates 125 with Rowing this weekend


The Royal College Union celebrates its 125th Anniversary since its inception in 1891. Royal College is also the oldest school to have taken to the sport of rowing.

The College Rowing Advisory and Management committee together with the Royal College Rowing Crew have organized the Invitational Rowing Regatta on the 30th of July 2016 due to kick start at 1pm, at the Colombo Rowing Club.

The Regatta will also host members of the Melbourne High School from Australia.

The regatta is to consist of 500 meter sprints under the boat classifications of sculls, pairs and fours. The Crews of Royal College, Melbourne High School, S. Thomas’ College, Ananda College, University of Colombo and Bishop’s College will be participating.

Join the rowing fraternity down at the Colombo Rowing Club this Saturday afternoon to watch the crews battle it out to dominate the 500m races.