Musaeus College victorious, breaks five-year hoodoo


The 13th edition of the Ladies`College v Musaeus College Regatta was put to an end with the Beira painted blue and yellow as Musaeus College  beat Ladies` College 39-13 to lay hands on the coveted Marie Musaeus Higgins trophy after a lapse of five long years.

Ladies`College stepped into the boat having the psychological advantage of a five year winning spree where they dominated the waters in every aspect. Commencing the golden era from 2010 the trophy rested gallantly at flower-road until Ranuli Wickramseakara leading MCRC up-front for 2016 reinstated glory at Barnes-place proudly.

A number of records tumbled , putting everyone on edge and causing the competition to heighten.

Ladies`College vice-captain Ishara Abbey (S) together with Nihara Warawita (B) renewed the existing record of the A Double Scull as they beat Lishadhi Mayadunne (B) and Randini Silva (S) of Musaeus College by 4.35min to 4.39.

 Photos – 13th Annual Ladies’ College – Musaeus College Regatta 2016 

For Musaesus College Senuri De Silva updated the record book in the B Scull event as she beat Davina Koch by 4.26min to 4.39min.

Musaeus College going on a double strike renewed the previous record of 3.58min in the A Four as Maedhnin De Alwis (B), Binali De Alwis (2), Ranuli Wikramasekara (3), Senuri De Silva (S), Mayanthi Weerakoon (Cox) beat Ladies` A Four- Ishara Abbey (S), Chanika Goonethileke (3), Nihara Warawita (Cox), Ashmitha Guneratene (Cox) by 3.52min to 3.59min.

Apart from the win in the A Double Scull, the only win for Ladies` College was registered when Ishara Abbey beat Thanushi Perera by 4.38min to 4.50min in the A Scull.

Fan Photos – 13th Annual Ladies’ College – Musaeus College Regatta 2016 

Musaeus College continuing their sublime form throughout the season won the B Four which went right down to the wire as Lishadhi Mayadunne (B), Isuri Kumarasinghe (2), Niseni Hewamallika (3), vice-captain Ashvini Jayatileke (S), Mayanthi Weerakoon (Cox) beat Davina Koch (S), Jeeshani Sri Kumara (3), Anelka Karunaratene (2), Ashvini Subasinghe (B), Thiranya Fernando (Cox) by 3.59min to 4.01min.

Megara Wijemanne (B), Ishanka Hewakuruppu (2), Randini De Silva (3), Thanushi Perera (S), Dinara Fernando (Cox) won the C Four for Musaeus College beating Shannon Perera (S), Kavisha Dassanayake (3), Sanjula Boteju (2), Esther Peremune (B), Janithri Fernando (Cox) of Ladies` College by 4.19min to 4.24min.

In the old girls four Subhashini Karuneratene (B), Janethri Marapana (2), Dilki Wijesekara (3), Vinuri Wickramasekara (S), Nathira Wijemanne (Cox) saw off Ladies` College beating Yellani Rasaputhra (B), Gayani Botheju (2), Senuri De Silva (3), Denise Koch (S), Tehani Walpola (Cox) by 4.25min to 4.56min.

Maedhini De Alwis (B), Senuri De Silva (S) of Musaeus College beat Shannon Perera (S), Dihanie Amerasinghe (B) by 4.05min to 4.36min in the A Pair.

Going onto B Pair yet again, Ranuli Wickeramasekara (B), Binali De Silva (S) beat Ashvini Subasinghe (B), Kavisha Dassanayake (S) by 4.25min to 4.45min.

In the B Double Scull Maedhini De Alwis (B), Ranuli Wickramasekara (S) beat Davina Koch (S), Anelka Karunaratene (B) of Ladies` College by 4.09min to 4.15min.

Maedhni De Alwis was judged the best oarswomen in the 13th Ladies` College v Musaeus College regatta.

Renewing record books and breaking a five-year hoodoo Ranuli Wickeramasekara & Co. laid hands on the Marie Musaues Higgins trophy adding one more victory to the tally as they made history at the Colombo Rowing Club.