Riders & Drivers share their thoughts at the Walawa Supercross 2017


The 7th edition of the Walawa Supercross was successfully worked off at the Sevenegala Craftsman’s Autodrome last weekend. The overcast conditions threatened to hamper fast racing, but it came as a blessing in disguise as early rain settled the dusty track, providing better grip for the competitors. We spoke to a few standout competitors to get their viewpoint on the competition.

The Race Show; Walawa Supercross 2017

Walawa supercross, the annual motor racing event organised by the Sri Lanka ElectricaL..

Gayan closing in on the National title

Experienced champion rider Gayan Sandaruwan has been getting back to his rhythm, showing hints of hitting top form. Despite missing out on a few race meets due to injury early in the season, Gayan has managed to claw his way back into the top fold by lifting his game with every race. He had a dominant ride during the 1st moto of the MX 250cc race and this is what he had to say soon after.

Evon wins his first Best Rider title of 2017

Young Evon Gurusinghe was adjudged the Best Rider at the Walawa Supercross for his authoritative performances in 04 different events. Gurusinghe was one of the top riders of last season but was not in his prime this year after facing a dangerous accident at the Foxhill Super Cross in April. Speaking to ThePapare.com, victorious Gurusinghe spoke about his comeback from injury and the support system behind his success.

Ashan adds another feather to his hat

It’s no secret that Ashan Silva has been the most dominant driver in both gravel and tarmac in the Island’s racing circuit this year. Silva has claimed the Best Driver award at all the racing meets he participated in except for Commando Supercross where he was involved in an unfortunate accident and is far ahead of the rest of the drivers in the national championship leaderboard. Crowned as the Champion Driver at Walawa Supercross, Ashan Silva shared his thoughts on the challenges he had to face at the Sevenagala Craftman’s Auto-drome.