Home Cricket St. Anne’s triumph over Maliyadeva in a thriller

St. Anne’s triumph over Maliyadeva in a thriller

24th Battle of the Rocks – Limited over

Maliyadeva College vs St.Annes College

After a tame draw at the 35th Battle of the Rocks, St. Anne’s College clinched a famous 6-run victory against arch-rivals Maliyadeva College in their 24th limited overs encounter at the Welagedara Stadium in Kurunegala on Sunday.

Batting first, the Annites posted a commendable 168 before being bowled out in the penultimate over of the innings. Kavindu Ekanayaka and Risitha Perera gave St Anne’s College a decent start before Ekanayake returned a catch to Muditha Premadasa.

Pasindu Tennakoon top scored with 45 whilst Ekanayake, Pivithuru Fernando and Lasith Warnakulasooriya made valuable contributions for the Annites cause. In the bowling, Pasindu Tennakoon of Maliyadeva College picked up 3 wickets for 36 runs in his eight overs.

Photos: Maliyadeva College vs St. Anne’s College | 24th One Day Encounter

Chasing a target of 162 Maliyadeva College was off to a fantastic start by Brian Karunanayake and Supun Sumanarathne as the pair posted a solid opening stand of 40 runs. Ekanayake was not willing to give up yet as the Maliyadeva top order returned three catches back to Ekanayake.

It looked as if Ekanayake was showing off his all-round skills to a packed house at the Welagedara Stadium. The Maliyadeva middle order couldn’t handle the pressure as Pasindu Tennakoon joined the party picking up two important wickets, that of Viditha Batepola who looked promising with the bat and Chaluka Aththapattu.

The game went down to the wire, but two run outs cost the game for Maliyadeva College as the Annites clinched a nail-biting 6 run victory in the final over of the match.


St. Anne’s College
168/10 (49.4)
Maliyadeva College
162/10 (49.2)
Kavindu Ekanayeka c & b Muditha Premadasa32351191.43
Risitha Perera c Chaluka Ajhadaththu b Maduranga Naveen19385050.00
Sulashana Madusitha c & b Maduranga Naveen3160018.75
Lasith Warnakulasooriya b Muditha Premadasa23403057.50
Pasindu Thennakoon run out451022044.12
Kavindu Ranasinghe c & b Viditha Batepola250040.00
Creshantha Priyathilaka c Muditha Premadasa b Chaluka Ajhadaththu140025.00
Pivithu Fernando st Muditha Premadasa b Pasindu Thennakoona29532054.72
Thrimalsha Silva c Supun Sumanarathna b Pasindu Thennakoona240050.00
Maayaas Muzammil c Kaveen Bandara b Pasindu Thennakoona120050.00
Kalindu Wijesingha not out00000.00
Extras11 (b 2 , lb 0 , nb 1, w 8)
Total168/10 (49.4 Overs, RR: 3.38)
Viditha Batepola701902.71
Brian Karunanayaka201608.00
Pasindu Thennakoona8.403634.29
Chaluka Ajhadaththu1001711.70
Jayamin Muthukumarane902422.67
Kaveen Bandara401303.25
Maduranga Naveen904134.56

Supun Sumanarathna c Kalindu Wijesingha b Sulashana Madusitha20391151.28
Brian Karunanayaka c & b Kavindu Ekanayeka34813041.98
Muditha Premadasa c & b Kavindu Ekanayeka18331054.55
Jayamin Muthukumarane c & b Kavindu Ekanayeka22323068.75
Kaveen Bandara lbw b Pasindu Thennakoon451080.00
Chaluka Athapaththu st Creshantha Priyathilaka b Pasindu Thennakoon4400100.00
Viditha Batepola b Pasindu Thennakoon24363066.67
Nisanjaya Hettiarachchi run out11250044.00
Gayantha Wickramaarachchi b Kalindu Wijesingha11220050.00
Maduranga Naveen not out6180033.33
Pasindu Thennakoona run out01000.00
Extras8 (b 0 , lb 1 , nb 0, w 7)
Total162/10 (49.2 Overs, RR: 3.28)
Lasith Warnakulasooriya1013403.40
Risitha Perera311003.33
Sulashana Madusitha811912.38
Kalindu Wijesingha5.201613.08
Pasindu Thennakoon913423.78
Kavindu Ekanayeka1013643.60
Kavindu Ranasinghe301003.33
Maayaas Muzammil10202.00