Replay – Sri Lanka Super 7’s 2017 Colombo Leg – Day 1


Day 1 action of the Sri Lanka Super 7’s second leg from the Racecourse Grounds on the 15th of July 2017. Live action starts at 11.00 a. m. on Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Sports Hub.

Colombo Leg Day 1 Tournament Schedule/Results
NoMatchTeam 1Score 1Score 2Team 2
01SCH A-1 vs SCH A-4Science College1719St.Anthony's College
02SCH A-2 vs SCH A-3Wesley College733Kingswood College
03SCH B-1 vs SCH B-4Isipathana College1217St. Joseph's College
04SCH B-2 vs SCH B-3St. Peter's College2400Zahira College
05FA-1 vs FA-4Mobitel Eagles1429Cargills Gladiators
06FA-2 vs FA-3Walkers CML Vipers1231EZY Wolves
07FB-1 vs FB-4Softlogic Warriors1924Etisalat Panthors
08FB-2 vs FB-3Access Kings4707KBSL Dragons
09SCH A-1 vs SCH A-3Science College731Kingswood College
10SCH A-2 vs SCH A-4Wesley College2912St.Anthony's College
11SCH B-1 vs SCH B-3Isipathana College1417Zahira College
12SCH B-2 vs SCH B-4St. Peter's College1221St. Joseph's College
13WOM-1Army SC330Air Force SC
14WOM-2Navy SC430CR & FC
15FA-1 vs FA-3Mobitel Eagles2421EZY Wolves
16FA-2 vs FA-4Walkers CML Vipers2117Cargills Gladiators
17FB-1 vs FB-3Softlogic Warriors1019KBSL Dragons
18FB-2 vs FB-4Access Kings247Etisalat Panthors
19SCH A-1 vs SCH A-2Science College024Wesley College
20SCH A-3 vs SCH A-4Kingswood College335St.Anthony's College
21SCH B-1 vs SCH B-2Isipathana College736St. Peter's College
22SCH B-3 vs SCH B-4Zahira College033St. Joseph's College
23WOM-3Air Force SC260CR & FC
24WOM-4Army SC712Navy SC
25FA-1 vs FA-2Mobitel Eagles1217Walkers CML Vipers
26FA-3 vs FA-4EZY Wolves1910Cargills Gladiators
27FB-1 vs FB-2Softlogic Warriors2412Access Kings
28FB-3 vs FB-4KBSL Dragons2117Etisalat Panthors