LISW continues winning streak

LISW continues winning streak

(Inter-International Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka) LISW continued the winning streak as both their girls and boys team went on to win their respective matches.

Boys: Elizabeth Moir International School (EMI) vs Lyceum International School Wattala (LISW)

LISW triumphed over EMI in a fairly one-sided affair with a final of score 58-25. Arshad Rafeek scored 18 points for LISW while Neiran Prabaharan secured 10 points for EMI.

LISW had a strong start to the game securing a substantial lead in the first 10 minutes of the game. The LISW players managed to get past the Moir defence with ease and consistently finished strong near the rim. EMI, on the other hand, struggled on the offense only managing to score double digits in one-quarter of the match. Their poor offensive performance in the final 10 minutes getting only 2 points during the quarter left them trailing behind LISW.

Full-time: Elizabeth Moir International School – 25 Lyceum International School Wattala- 58

Girls: British School in Colombo (BSC) vs Lyceum International School Wattala (LISW)

BSC had an unfortunate loss to LISW even after a surprising comeback trailing behind them 49 to 58. Mihinsa from LISW was the highest point scorer for her team contributing 12 points while Mihara Ramanayake scored 18 points for BSC.

LISW dominated the game from the start on both offense and defence while BSC was left trailing behind. BSC zone defence was of no use against LISW as they penetrated through to finish strong near the rim. BSC struggled to score throughout the game; in the third quarter in which they failed to get a single basket.

In a surprising turn of events BSC came back strong and took LISW by surprise in the final quarter outscoring them 26 to 9 points. Although they managed to catch up BSC ran out of luck as the final buzzer went off while they were still trailing by 9 points.

Full-time: British School in Colombo – 49 Lyceum International School Wattala- 58

Boys: Lyceum International School – Panadura (LISP) vs Royal Institute (RIC)

RIC took the final win for the day playing against LISP winning 53 to 29 points. Afdal Khalid was the highest point scorer for LISW with 13 points while Thaveen scored 9 points for RIC.

RIC dominated the post on both offense and defence securing a majority of the rebounds and adding points on the table taking under the basket shots. The RIC players capitalized on their speed and agility to take shots inside the D before their opponent’s defence set. LISP, on the other hand, struggled to find scoring opportunities and began to trail behind RIC. LISP only managed to score a single basket in the first quarter and the rest of the quarters were no different as they struggled to score double digits.

Full-time: Royal Institute- 53 Lyceum International School – Panadura- 29