Fox Hill Supercross to flag off the gravel season


    26th Fox hill Supercross, Sri Lanka’s blue-ribbon motor racing event, will be race-off on the 21st of April 2018 at the Sri Lanka Military Academy premises. The qualification rounds are set to be held on the 20th.

    Held for the 26th time, Fox Hill supercross was inaugurated in the year 1993 and since then has been held annually under the patronage of Sri Lanka Military Academy. The first gravel motor racing competition to be held in the Island, Fox Hill Supercross is one of the most looked forward competitions in the racing calendar for both drivers and the riders alike due to the unique racing track for its location, salubrious climes, attractive surroundings and the challenging technical nature which offers the drivers and the spectators a thrilling experience.

    In the year 1913, while Sri Lanka was still under the British rule, an English ship “HMS FOX” (HMS – Her Majesty’s Ship) was docked at the Trincomalee harbor for repair. The crew of the ship visited Diyatalawa, a garrison town even at the time with Naval Royal Navy’s East Indian Station situated in Diyatalawa. Upon seeing the panoramic beauty of the area, the Captain of the ship suggested that they need to leave the Ship’s insignia on a prominent hillock.  The image of a running fox with the name “HMS FOX” and 1913 beneath it, was thus was done in white granite, abundantly found in the surroundings, is still visible to date. This insignia paved way for the hillock to be called Fox Hill after which Sri Lanka’s premier gravel race is named.

    This year over 200 riders and drivers have already sent in their entries to the competition which will comprise of 12 Motorcar and 12 Motorcycle events, Including Championship races which will be considered in awarding the National Championships to the country’s best drivers and riders at the end of the 2018 racing season.

    The Championship, races are grouped as Group SL-GT up to 3500cc and Group SL H up to 1600cc in the Motorcar category and Group MX-Racing Motocross bikes 125cc 2 stroke up to 250cc 4 stroke and Group MX Racing Motocross up to 85cc (Under 16 years) in the motorcycle category.

    This year apart from the National championship, Fox Hill will also see the start of the “Hutch Sri Lanka Super Series” organized by Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR) and the Asian Motor Racing Club (AMRC) which will award two brand new cars to the winners of the SL- GT 3500cc event and the Group MX-Racing Motocross bikes 125cc 2 stroke up to 250cc 4 stroke events. Also, the winners of the SL H up to 1600cc winners and the Super-mortared event will receive a brand-new Motorcycle.

    Last year at the 25th Anniversary of Fox Hill 2018 Ishan Dassanayake won the best rider award while Ashan Silva was adjudged the best driver of the competition.  This year the rivalries will heat up with the likes of Gayan Sandaruwan, Evon Gurusinghe, Buddika Kasun, and Jacques Gunawardane vying for the best rider title while Ashan silva is bound to face stiff competition from Kushan Peiris, Ushan Perera and the veteran Aravinda Premadasa who will challenge for the best driver accolade.

    Sri Lanka’s #1 Sports hub, will be at the 26th Fox Hill supercross and are committed to bringing you the all the action with precisely timed captures, illustrated reviews and “The Raceshow”,’s very own post production where we bring you the unseen action of Motor racing in Sri Lanka.

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