St.Joseph’s College, Colombo beat Gateway College, Colombo 56 points to 53 in a closely contested semi final match in the Under 15 Colombo North Zonal Basketball Tournament at the Gateway College Basketball court.

Gateway College hosting the tournament were very much favoured to win the game after convincingly winning their group stage games. Although St. Joseph’s were quite lucky this time round as the momentum shifted in their favour due to a scoring fault by the officials that halted the game for more than 10 minutes. The game started with Gateway scoring and dominating the first 2 quarters and the first half ending with Gateway in the lead.

Half Time – Gateway 32 – 19 St. Joseph’s

As the 3rd Quarter progressed Gateway was still in control of the game until it was stopped because the scoring official had made a blunder with keeping track of the scores, with the spectators and coaches expressing their frustration the game was halted for more than 10 minutes. The stoppage giving the Josephians time to compose themselves they started fighting back as the game resumed. In the dying moments things were not working our for Gateway as they were missing consecutive shots and the Josephian comeback train was still on course to edge out the host by 3 points when the final whistle was blown.

Full Time – Gateway 53 – 56 St. Joseph’s

Top Scorers 

  • Shehan Fernando 22 Points St. Joseph’s
  • Minesh Thiagarajah 13 Points Gateway College

St. Joseph’s College will meet Colombo International School in the final today played at the Gateway College Basketball Court. CIS beat British School in Colombo 72 points to 56.