Ishan Dassanayake became the National MX250cc champion for the second consecutive year at the Sigiriya Rally cross race meet which was the final gravel meet of the year. It was a dramatic end to a season that saw the champion rider going through injuries, crashes and machine mal functions but held his nerve and backed his ability to get over the line.

Having won the MX 250cc national Championship and the MX125cc title in 2016, Ishan started the 2017 season as the favorite to clinch national title. Ishan didn’t disappoint as he made a strong start to the season at the Galle Motocross competition in February. Having crashed out in the 2016 Walawe Supercross it was Ishan first race since and he laid the bench mark with a superb display of racing.

Ishan and Lahiru steal the show at Galle Motocross 2017

Galle Motocross returned to the racing calendar after a lapse of two years and was the first motocross race of 2017 …

With the confidence gained from the display at the motocross in the south, Ishan flew to the Philippines the next month to take part in the first leg of the FIM Asia Motocross. Having had to battle with extremely wet and muddy conditions where he had to use all his tear offs by the second lap of the competition, Ishan also did not have an enjoyable time with the two-wheeler he had received for the competition. He had to be satisfied with an overall 13th place finish in the competition but admitted that he gained valuable experience going head to head with the top riders from the Asian region.

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Hailing from the racing crazy town of Kurunegala, Vijayabahu race track situated in Boyagane which is situated a just a few kilometers off Kurunegala is where Ishan perfected his trade and goes through his training routine. The leading rider of the Island has no doubt that this track is the most technically demanding MX tack of the country and requires the riders to be at the top of their form to complete a moto.

“Boyagane track is my favorite track, I believe it’s the most technical and the most challenging track in the country. It’s a good track to test the stamina of a rider, you need to be in good shape to be able to complete Moto (ten laps) at the Boyagane track, I am lucky that I get to train on it.”  said Ishan in a previous interview with

So, when the Vijayabahu Supercross, organized by the Vijayabahu infantry regiment was scheduled to be held during the first week of April Ishan couldn’t have asked for a better pre-race for the all-important Foxhill Supercross which was scheduled to be held in the third week. Ishan had a brilliant first Moto in the MX250 as he managed to break away from the pack and displayed control and poise to take the checkered flag. However, in the second moto Ishan faced an unfortunate mishap with just 2 laps to the finish line. His bike completely died mid-air during a jump prompting Ishan to jump off the bike to minimize the damage. While he escaped severe injury suffering only a jammed ankle, he had to surrender the ‘Best rider’ title as he was not able to complete the second moto and risked not being able to compete in the Foxhill Supercross considered as the blue ribbon of the Sri Lankan Motor racing calendar.

Vijayabahu Motocross 2017; Premarathne makes his regiment proud

15th edition of the Vijayabahu Motocross was held yesterday (2nd) at the Boyagane race track situated at the Vijayabahu …

Fortune was on his side as Ishan managed to recover in time for the all-important Fox Hill Supercross. However, had a major setback as his motor bike yet again started malfunctioning and was not performing up to the expectations of the champion.

“Foxhill was the most difficult race I had to take part this year, during the practice day there were some major issues with the bike and I completely gave up hope of winning the best rider trophy at the race. However, I didn’t want to pull out from the race despite the shortcomings from the machine and decided that I would go out there and do my best in the two races”

In the first Moto Ishan faced stiff competition from his young team mate from India Rugved Barguje, but used his experience well to win the race. Intense action unfolded in the second Moto of the same race as all the riders were determined to correct their mistakes from the previous showing. Dassanayake started off as the 4th place competitor and clawed his way back to the front but a mistake in a corner resulted in him losing balance. However courageous Dassanayake did not give up but rejoined the race and provided the crowds with an absolute thriller as he again managed to get the better of three riders in front of him to the checkered flag and lay claim to the best rider award at the 25th Fox Hill.

“It is going to go down as one of the most memorable race meets I have participated in. Racing at Fox  hill is always special and this one is up their especially because I had to compete with the best riders of the country on the biggest stage with an underperforming machine. It was even more special because in the second moto I had a poor start came to the front and then fell and lost my lead. I never gave up and kept at it and I will never forget that sense of accomplishment I felt after winning the second race”

Ashan and Ishan Champions at the Silver Jubilee Fox hill

Fox Hill Supercross, the premier motor sporting event of the Island, celebrated its 25th edition yesterday (20th) at the …

Despite winning top honors at the premier race meet, Ishan had aggravated a shoulder niggle and was sidelined from the inaugural Colombo Supercross. But was back in the grind in his hometown as he managed to successfully defend his title at Cavalry Supercross 2017 in front of his friends and family in Kurunegala.

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Commando Supercross in Uva Kuda Oya was a first for Ishan as he had not participated in the inaugural edition the previous year. Though competing from the first time in the latest gravel racing track in the Island, Ishan did not to seem to be phased by the challenge as he dominated the two moto’s to clinch the best rider trophy at Commando supercross.

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Gunners Supercross and Gajaba Supercross are two of the most important races in any racing enthusiast calendar only second to Fox Hill Super cross. Ishan had already won the Best rider title at the Gunners Supercross for two consecutive years and was on course to make it hat-trick. However the ambitious rider had decided that racing in the gravity defying MX was not thrilling enough as he wanted to venture into the gravel super-mortard event. This decision proved costly as he had a nasty fall during the event which prevented him from taking part in the MX 250 second moto and also sidelined him from Gajaba Supercross putting his chances of retaining the national title in jeopardy

Veteren Gayan gets his sixth while Ashan win’s his maiden Gunner’s title

The 12th Gunner Supercross organized by the Artillery regiment of Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Automobile Drivers Association …


It was frustrating as my shoulder kept dislocating after the accident at Gunners, I couldn’t participate in the Gajaba Supercross as well because of that. I went back and did a lot of rehab work and the doctors were of the opinion that I will have to go through a surgery to fix it 100%. Other riders were closing in on the national points table and I tried taking part in the Sappers Gympo but had to pull out of the competition as my hand yet again dislocated during practice”

Having missed the three race meets and with a recurring shoulder trouble Ishan’s hopes of defending the National title was all but gone. Up until two days before Sigiriya Rally cross Ishan did not intend to take part in the Sigiriya Rally Cross which was the last competition of the year. In the eleventh hour after a quick practice session Ishan decided that he was feeling well enough to make the trip to Sigiriya. However, it was still a daunting task as Ishan had to make sure that he wins both the moto’s as Jacques Gunawardane and Gayan Sanduruwan had overtaken Isan in his absence and he was expected to come back to his best racing rhythm despite not having a competitive race for the over three months.


“Sigiriya was a spontaneous decision, I tested my injury during practice a couple of days before the competition and felt very comfortable with the way I was feeling. So I decided that I will give it a go as I had nothing to lose. I just wanted to go out there and enjoy doing what I love. I was overjoyed that I managed to win both the moto’s and with it the national title.”

Ishan signs off in style at Sigiriya Rallycross 2017

Sigiriya Rally cross 2017, the final gravel race meet of the 2017 season was worked out today (1st) at the Sri Lanka Airforce, …

Ishan Dassanayake’s perfomance and the way in which he managed to clinch the national is a testament to unwavering determination of a champion rider  and perfectly sums up the unpredictable nature of Motocross racing where many factors can affect the outcome of a race. It was no easy feat by Ishan to defend the national title after missing over four race meets and having to overcome an injury to be crowned the best in the Island.