Colombo Rowing Club ready to rule the waters!


The Amateur Rowing Association of the East & Far East Amateur Rowing Association (ARAE FEARA) Regatta will hit the waters of Rabindra Sarobar in Calcutta for its 77th edition later today, and carry on until the 10th of January.    

The Colombo Rowing Club (CRC) is set to make their mark at the ARAE FEARA Regatta 2019 as a revamped and bigger crew of 18 members readies themselves to bring glory to the prestigious club.

Photos: Colombo Rowing Club Crew 2019

The last time a crew of 18 members represented the Colombo Rowing Club, it ended in celebration, as both the Men’s and Women’s overall championships were won by the Lankan club; under the then Skipper Shehan Muthugala, CRC took part in the 75th ARAE FEARA Regatta in Madras in 2016.

Last year, with a crew of just half the number than this time, the local club failed to defend their title. However, with much success in the concluded year, especially winning the Madras-Colombo Regatta very convincingly, CRC is ready to bring back the title this time around.

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This year, led by the well-experienced Ruven Weerasinghe, the Colombo Rowing Club will compete against clubs from over 7 countries, including India, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Pakistan; coaching duties will be headed by young Kaveen Rajapakse, former oarsmen at the CRC. Overseeing the whole performance and wellbeing of the club is senior coach Lakmal Wickramasinghe.

 Colombo Rowing Club Crew 2019

Ruven Weerasinghe ©Stroke
Hashane HettigodaScull
Medhini De AlwisScull
Ishnika De SilvaStroke
Lasindu GamageBow
Thavisha AttanayakeBow
Ashika RatnaweeraScull
Sandesh BartletBow
Chethana GallageScull
Swarnamali WijesingheBow
Abdullah HassanStroke
Samakya GajanayakeStroke
Disas SooriyarachchiU14 – Scull
Shanil SiriwardenaU14 – Doubles
Lasaru KudaligamaScull
Nihara ChandrasenaU14 – Scull
Chiara WijethilakeU14 – Doubles
Kaveen RajapakseCoach