A total of 57 teams will go head to head for six titles in the exciting Kandy Hockey Sixes that will take place on the 28th and 29th of January 2017 at the University of Peradeniya grounds.

The Kandy Hockey Sixes initiative is the brainchild of the Kandy District Hockey Association and the Seethadevi Hockey Club, who have been frontrunners in the sport for over a decade and will jointly co-host the tournament that will be held this weekend.

The complexity and the vast participation has forced the organisers to have three senior categories dividing the men’s division as Super 10’s and Top 20 division. The Women’s category will have 9 teams that comprise of the forces and the other playing hockey clubs.

In addition to the main competition, the tournament will have a junior under 15 draw that will have the participation of hockey-playing schools in Kandy.

This year’s special additive will be the veteran’s draw that will have the participation of an overseas team from India coming all the way Kandy to play in the tournament. Rangers Sports Club from Bangalore will compete head to head with the Sri Lankan counterparts and this is expected to intensify the competition in the category.

An exciting competition is on the cards in the Men’s Super 10 Division with the three forces; Army, Navy and Air Force competing head to head with CH & FC and SLEME teams.

World Renown hockey players to grace the tournament

Former Indian national cap and Olympic Gold Medalist from 1980 Moscow Games for hockey is expected to grace the Sixers’ finale. Also in the expected guests are Jude Sebastian who was a former Indian national captain and coach.

Participating Teams:

Super 10’s

SL Navy – 2 Teams
SL Air Force – 2 Teams
CH & FC – 2 Teams
Wennappuwa SC. – 1 Teams
SLEME SC – 1 Teams
Army SC – 2 Teams

Men’s Super 20

Royal S.C.,Wennappuwa S.C., Old Sylvesters S.C., Old Vidyaratha S.C., Old Rajans S.C.,University of Peradeniya, Kothalawala Defense University (2 teams), Gunners S.C.(2 teams), Hindu S.C.,Waganas S.C., SLEME S.C., Singha S.C., Zahira S.C., Navy Blue, University of Sabaragamuwa, Ordance S.C., Maristella S.C., Signals S.C.

  • Women’s Teams

SL Navy S.C., Seethadevi S.C., Air Force S.C. (2 teams), Devians S.C., Kandy Ladies, President SC, University of Sabaragamuwa

  • Kandy Schools – Under 15 Girls

Seethadevi  (3Teams), St. Anthony B.M.V., Mahamaya B.M.V., Pushpadana B.M.V.,   Swarnmali B.M.V., Nugawela Central

  • Kandy Schools Under 15 Boys

Kingswood College, Dharmaraja College, Sylvester’s College, Trinity College, St. Anthony’s College, Vidyartha College

  • Veterans

SL Masters (Gold & Maroons), CH & FC. S.C., Wennappuwa S.C., Kandy S.C., Youngsters S.C., Malay S.C., Rangers S.C. – Bangalore India