3rd annual “Ride4Ceylon” cycle parade to commence in February

The Ride4Ceylon parade was organized in the past couple of years with the goal of reconstructing and developing the Green Memorial Hospital situated in Manipay, Jaffna, one of the most devastated parts of the country due to the war.

The Ride4Ceylon Trust, striving to build back a future for the people affected by the war, has planned to hold the Ride4Ceylon cycle parade for the 3rd consecutive year from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March 2019.

The Manipay Green Memorial Hospital was established in 1847 by an American citizen, Dr. Samuel Green. It is due to this fact that the hospital has been named Green Memorial Hospital in memory of its founder. Most importantly, the Manipay Green Memorial Hospital is considered the first Medical School founded in Sri Lanka known for its great medical service. Further, during the 20th century, this hospital was renowned to be one of the leading Medical Schools in Asia and a prime hospital which provided quality medical service to its patients. But unfortunately, sometime during the civil war, this once great hospital was abandoned.

Despite that, Sri Lankan expats joined hands together to create the Trust “Friends of Manipay Hospital” and have given life to this forgotten hospital. As a result of their hard work and effort the hospital has survived during these hard times. Through the services rendered by this organization, numerous people living in the Northern region have been enabled to acquire indispensable medical necessities from this hospital.

As such, a group of past pupils from S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia have joined hands with the “Friends of Manipay Trust” to conduct a cycle parade by the name “Ride4Ceylon” in order to create awareness about this issue and raise funds for the development of the hospital.

The cycle parade inaugurated in 2017 by Ride4Ceylon Trust, is conducted from Colombo to Jaffna which stretches over a path spanning 400 km. This cycle parade began in 2017 with only 5 cyclists participating in it. However, inspired by this movement, 25 cyclists have joined in 2018 and in 2019 40+ cyclists are expected to take part.

In the past 2 years, the trust had accomplished in raising 15 million rupees as funds. In 2017 the funds were used to develop the Neurological Department of the hospital and to refurbish the Nurses’ Dormitory. In 2018, the funds raised were utilized to purchase medical requirements and was also used to develop the Pediatric and Cardiology section of the hospital.

As the funds collected in the past 2 years were utilized in an efficacious manner, the funds to be raised in 2019 is expected to be used to develop the Pediatric and Cardiology section and to recondition the X-Ray machine available at the hospital. It will also be used to fulfil the general needs of the hospital.

The Ride4Ceylon parade for 2019 has been inaugurated by Mr. Russel Arnold, former Cricketer of the Sri Lankan National Team, popular commentator and ambassador of the Ride4Ceylon parade. Speaking about the parade, Mr. Russel Arnold said:

“The city of Jaffna, and the once leading Institution, the Green Memorial Hospital were destroyed during the civil war. I thank the Ride4Ceylon movement for their effort in bringing back this hospital to its former glory step by step. These actions are imperative towards the physical and mental development of our country and its people.”

The organizers of Ride4Ceylon expect over 40 participants in the parade this year and request the kind contribution and support from the people, in making their vision a reality.

During this parade, 5 pallets containing sports equipment are also to be distributed to underprivileged children with dreams of their own, along the way.

Sri Lanka’s No. 1 Sports Hub, “ThePapare.com” has joined hands with the Ride4Ceylon movement as official media partners.

The Ride4Ceylon movement has also provided people who wish to donate to this worthy cause with an opportunity to do so by donating to the following bank account.


Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC

Jaffna Branch

Account Number: 1060111500