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Late Royal wickets eclipse Kalana, Ryan efforts

140th Battle of the Blues 2019 – Day 1


Late wickets by Royal College derailed the efforts of S. Thomas’ College on the opening day of the 140th Battle of the Blues at SSC Grounds, Colombo on Thursday.

Royal College felt the heat straight away when Sri Lanka U19 cap Kalana Perera struck in the very first over of the match after Royal skipper Kavindu Madarasinghe won the toss and elected to bat first.

Photos: Royal College vs S. Thomas’ College – 140th Battle of the Blues | Day 1

The Royalists were sent 5 down for 87 runs at lunch with Perera grabbing 4 of them. The first session despite being dominated by the Thomian bowlers, Sri Lanka U19 cap Kamil Mishara stood firm for the boys from Reid Avenue remaining unbeaten for lunch. He was in fact involved in an important 42-run partnership with Ahan Sanchitha.

The middle session too began with some quick wickets for S. Thomas’ College as Perera completed his 3rd 5-wicket haul in Royal-Thomian encounters. Left-arm spinner Shannon Fernando grabbed all 4 remaining wickets. In addition to the two wicket-takers, Shalin De Mel was fantastic in the slip cordon taking 5 catches, a few of them quite brilliant.

In batting for Royal, apart from Mishara’s 36, bowlers Kavindu Pathirathne and Kaushan Kulasooriya chipped in with valuable scores of 35 and 28 respectively. The duo also helped their team reach 150 adding 65 runs for the 8th wicket after they got together when Royal was in dire straits at 87/7.

The Thomian innings also saw an early set back after a decent 35-run opening stand between skipper Sithara Hapuhinna and Shalin De Mel as they lost two back-to-back wickets just before tea.

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The final session of the day began with both sides evenly poised. Ryan Fernando, a complete rookie not having played any 1st XI cricket previously this season was remarkable and together with Yohan Perera took S. Thomas’ straight to the box seat with a free-flowing 97-run partnership. From 35/2, the two youngsters handled the big-match pressure wonderfully displaying tremendous character.

Ryan was the first man to go after an elegant 60 and was followed by the wicket of Kishan Munasinghe who was dismissed for 8. Both wickets were taken by Mishara. Just before the end of the day, Gishan Balasuriya dismissed Yohan Perera for 49 and former Thomian captain Dellon Peiris to even out things for Royal.

Scores were level at the close as S. Thomas’ were on 158/6 with both Ravindu De Silva and night-watchman Dilmin Rathnayake yet to get off the mark.


S. Thomas’ College
296/10 (78.5) & 124/3 (20)
Royal College
158/10 (48.3) & 259/10 (108.2)
Isiwara Dissanayake b Kalana Perera04000.00
Kamil Mishara c Shalin De Mel b Shannon Fernando36876041.38
Ahan Sanchitha lbw b Kalana Perera15272055.56
Pasindu Sooriyabandara c Shalin De Mel b Kalana Perera250040.00
Kavindu Madarasinghe c Shalin De Mel b Shannon Fernando11272040.74
Bagya Dissanayake c Dellon Peiris b Kalana Perera12202060.00
Tithira Weerasinghe lbw b Kalana Perera03000.00
Kavindu Pathirathne lbw b Kalana Perera35617057.38
Kaushan Kulasooriya c Shalin De Mel b Shannon Fernando28475059.57
Lahiru Madushanka not out671085.71
Gishan Balasuriya c Shalin De Mel b Shannon Fernando06000.00
Extras13 (b 4 , lb 4 , nb 4, w 1)
Total158/10 (48.3 Overs, RR: 3.26)
Kalana Perera1445463.86
Shalin De Mel301204.00
Kishan Munasinghe612103.50
Yohan Perera10202.00
Shannon Fernando15.382741.76
Dellon Peiris511803.60
Dilmin Rathnayake411604.00
Sithara Hapuinna c Kaushan Kulasooriya b K Mishara141330107.69
Shalin De Mel lbw b Kavindu Pathirathna211850116.67
Ryan Fernando c & b Kamil Mishara60669190.91
Yohan Perera c Kavindu Madarasinghe b Gishan Balasuriya49908054.44
Kishan Munasinghe b Kamil Mishara8181044.44
Dellon Peiris b Gishan Balasuriya4160025.00
Ravindu De Silva b Lahiru Madushanka223008.70
Dilmin Rathnayake c Kavindu Madarasinghe b Kavindu Pathirathne3290010.34
Umayanga Suwaris run out621099056.88
Kalana Perera c Kaushan Kulasooriya b Kavindu Pathirathne625991105.08
Shannon Fernando not out5320015.62
Extras6 (b 0 , lb 0 , nb 2, w 4)
Total296/10 (78.5 Overs, RR: 3.75)
Kavindu Pathirathne1618335.19
Lahiru Madushanka913714.11
Kamil Mishara1957033.68
Gishan Balasuriya2396522.83
Kaushan Kulasooriya10.522602.48
Tithira Weerasinghe1014014.00
Isiwara Dissanayake b Shalin De Mel20772025.97
Kamil Mishara c Shalin De Mel b Kalana Perera34586058.62
Kavindu Madarasinghe c Shalin De Mel b Shannon Fernando25505050.00
Ahan Sanchitha c Sithara Hapuhinna b Kalana Perera26503052.00
Bagya Dissanayake c & b Dellon Peiris21962021.88
Kavindu Pathirathne c Dellon Peiris b Kalana Perera24543044.44
Pasindu Sooriyabandara c Dellon Peiris b Yohan Perera671609041.88
Tithira Weerasinghe c & b Dellon Peiris03000.00
Kaushan Kulasooriya c Ryan Fernando b Kishan Munasinghe14373037.84
Lahiru Madushanka not out11641017.19
Gishan Balasuriya b Yohan Perera01000.00
Extras17 (b 6 , lb 4 , nb 6, w 1)
Total259/10 (108.2 Overs, RR: 2.39)
Kalana Perera30610233.40
Shannon Fernando23113511.52
Dellon Peiris2365322.30
Kishan Munasinghe961411.56
Dilmin Rathnayake521603.20
Shalin De Mel1151211.09
Yohan Perera5.201522.88
Umayanga Suwaris21201.00

Sithara Hapuhinna c Bagya Dissanayake b Kamil Mishara343050113.33
Shalin De Mel not out6755101121.82
Ryan Fernando st Kavindu Madarasinghe b Gishan Balasuriya390033.33
Yohan Perera b Lahiru Madushanka2170011.76
Ravindu De Silva not out13910144.44
Extras5 (b 4 , lb 1 , nb 0, w 0)
Total124/3 (20 Overs, RR: 6.2)
Kavindu Pathirathne403909.75
Kamil Mishara402215.50
Kaushan Kulasooriya201608.00
Lahiru Madushanka501913.80
Gishan Balasuriya512314.60