15th edition of the Vijayabahu Motocross was held yesterday (2nd) at the Boyagane race track situated at the Vijayabahu regimental premises with the participation of leading local and a few international riders who dazzled the eager crowds  gathered at Boyagane to witness the thrilling action.

Boyagane race track, widely considered as one of the most technically and physically demanding tracks in the country by many riders, was set alight by the enthralling contests that were lined up. Reigning national champion Ishan Dassanayake, veteran rider Gayan Sandaruwan , Evon Gurusinghe, and youngster Jin Liyanage who has impressed since his return from Injury, provided the eager motor sporting enthusiasts with some thrilling contests throughout the day.

Sameera Premarathne from the Army, who also is a member of the Vijayabahu regiment made his regiment proud as he was adjudged the best rider of the event for his good show at the race.

Group Mx over 100cc up to 125cc 2T defence services

Action kick started with the Group Mx over 100cc up to 125cc 2T defence services event. Things straight away heated up with Lahiru Jeewantha losing his balance soon after the start. Last year’s winner of the longest jump at Vijayabahu Motorcross Buddhika Ushan dominated the race while Sameera Premarathne from the Vijayabahu regiment clinched the second place ahead of Nihal Wijerathne. Lahiru Jeeewantha despite his slip up early on in the race managed to fight back finishing 4th ahead of Mithun Sigera who was placed 5th in the race.

Group M standard/Modified Street trail – including 125cc 2T up to 250cc 4T

Evon Biyagee Gurusinghe got onto a great start and managed to hold a dominant lead over the rest of the riders from the onset to clinch the pole position of the race. Lahiru Jeewantha, despite falling in the earlier race, rode aggressively behind Gurusinghe but had to be satisfied with the second place. Airmen Madura Peiris was cementing his third place position but unfortunately had to pull out from the race as his machine came to unfortunate halt with just half a lap to continue.  Sandaru Shanilka who was right behind Peiris won the 3rd place in the race.

Group MX250 Over 100cc up to 125cc 2T & 175CC up to 250CC 4T – National Championship

Ishan Dassanayake started off where he left last year clinching the top spot in the all-important MX250 event.  Dassanayake showed control and experience, breaking away from the pack in the first corner. Gayan Sandaruwan did not have a good start as he was placed 6th but managed to display the type of riding he was known for and get the second place with 2 laps to spare.  In pursuit of the race leader Dassanayake , Sandaruwan missed a riding line, had a nasty crash and had to withdraw from the race. Sameera Premarathne who was in top form clinched the second place while Jin Liyanage was placed 3rd in the race.

Dassanayake extended his dominance in the Group MX 125 Over 100CC up to 125 CC 2T (Open) event clinching it with ease dominating all the riders.  Sameera Premarathne was placed second and was the only competitor that challenged Dassanayake throughout the race.  Buddika Silva who looked to be riding with a shoulder injury managed to finish 3rd.

Group MX250 Over 100cc up to 125cc 2T & 175CC up to 250CC 4T – Moto 1 & 2

This event which is much looked forward to and one that yields a great competition amongst the best riders in the Island, just got better with the addition of an Indian rider and a Japanese rider to the race. In the first Moto, Dassanayake the favourite to win the race, got onto a great start but was followed closely by Sameera Premarathne who was having a good day of racing,  Dassanayake was comfortable at front and did not allow Premarathne any room to creep to the middle. However with just 2 laps to go Dassanayake lost his balance at a corner and Premarathne managed to pounce on the opportunity to get in the lead, despite the setback Dassanayke, who restarted as the 4th placed competitor managed to race his way back to the second place and was on a mission to clinch the first place but Premarathne managed to secure the top spot with Dassanayake and Buddika Silva clinching the 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Kenji Osawa the Japanese rider in his Honda CRF won the 4th place while Jin Liyanage clinched the 5th place.

The second Moto of the same category was always going to be a tense affair as all the riders were determined to rectify their mistakes from the earlier races. Ishan Dassanayake dominated from the gates and managed to take a commanding lead throughout the race, Dassanayake was riding comfortably and was assured of the pole position but as uncertainty and accidents go hand in hand with the trill and the excitement of the game, Dassanayke’s machine came to a halt midair during a jump and Ishan jumped off from the bike to avoid major injury and had to be stretchered off from the track. Sameera Premarathne who was right behind Dassanayake benefited yet again from this debacle as he managed to cinch the pole position in the second race and with it clinching the ‘Commanders Challenge Trophy’ for the best rider for his two pole positions in the MX250 event.  Jin Liyanage was placed 2nd in the race while Buddika Silva managed to secure the third place.