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Santhush Gunathilake turns saviour at 85th Battle of the Saints

85th Battle of the Saints


The Peterites were staring down the barrel at an outright loss at 106/6 in their second innings, but Santhush Gunathilake then produced an innings of a lifetime to pull the Peterites out of the woods. 

Gunathilake, who hit a vital 72 in the first innings, started off precariously in the second before eventually motoring on late in the day. He managed to find an ably partner in gutty Kanishka Maduwantha, who batted for 138 balls remaining unbeaten on 89*. 

Sublime Dineth Jayakody half century puts Josephians in box seat

The duo added an unbroken 211* for the 7th wicket as they broke a number of records in the process. It was the all-time highest partnership for any wicket for the Peterites as the duo eclipsed the record of 183 set by Clive Inman and Kenneth Duckworth (6th wicket) in the year 1954. It also ended up as the all-time second highest partnership for any wicket in the series while Gunathilake’s match aggregate of 233 runs became the highest match aggregate of the series. 

Gunathilake remained unbeaten on 161* in a marathon effort as the Peterites ended the day on 317/6 with an overall lead of 250 as the match ended in a tame draw. 

Earlier in the day the Josephians raced to a strong 286/8 in their allotted 60 overs, on the back of a couple of half centuries from Dineth Jayakody and Dilesh Perera. Sachintha Mahindasinghe and Dunith Wellalage also made useful cameos lower down the order, as the Josephians secured a crucial 67 run lead.

Skipper Ashian Daniel who won the best bowler award captured two crucial wickets as the Peterites survived a few anxious moments, before Shivan Perera was involved in a run out that had the crowd and most others confused. 

Photos: St. Joseph’s College vs St. Peter’s College | 85th Battle of the Saints | Day 2

Gunathilake padded a ball away as Shivan Perera strolled out of the crease assuming it was a dead ball, only to see the bails being whipped off at the bowlers end with him nowhere in the picture. It looked certain of a Josephian victory at that stage with the Peterites effectively at 39/6, with over 50 overs remaining in the day before Gunathilake and Maduwantha produced a partnership to remember. 

Gunathilake was named man of the match and best batsman for his heroics while Kanishka Maduwantha walked away with the best all-rounder award. 

After 85 games in the series the Josephians still hold the lead with 12 wins to the Peterites 10, while the other 63 encounters have ended in draws. 

Match drawn

St. Peter’s College
219/10 (60.0) & 317/6 (79.0)
St. Joseph’s College
286/8 (60.0)
Banuka de Silva lbw b Ashan De Alwis5210023.81
Dinith Anjula c Miranga Wickramage b Dunith Wellalage41744255.41
Santhush Gunathilake c Dilesh Perera b Ashen Daniel721056068.57
Ranmith Jayasena b Shalinda Senevirathne21271077.78
Nipunaka Fonseka lbw b Ashen Daniel21631033.33
Shivan Perera c Sachintha Ravindu b Ashen Daniel9131069.23
Shannon Fernando c Shevon Fonseka b Shalinda Senevirathne04000.00
Kanishka Maduwantha c Shevon Fonseka b Lakshan Gamage10180055.56
Wanuja Sahan run out26281092.86
Ruwin Senevirathne b Lakshan Gamage02000.00
Tariq Saboor not out160016.67
Extras13 (b 7 , lb 3 , nb 1, w 2)
Total219/10 (60.0 Overs, RR: 3.65)
Lakshan Gamage10.013823.80
Ashan De Alwis7.002012.86
Shalinda Senevirathne13.024323.31
Johanne De Zilva4.02802.00
Ashen Daniel15.015833.87
Dunith Wellalage11.014313.91
Shevon Fonseka c Nipunaka Fonseka b Ranmith Jayasena37694053.62
Johanne De Zilva c Santhush Gunathilake b Kanishka Maduwantha45564180.36
Shevon Daniel lbw b Kanishka Maduwantha02000.00
Dineth Jayakody b Shivan Perera771106270.00
Dilesh Perera c Shivan Perera b Tariq Saboor62804077.50
Lakshan Gamage b Tariq Saboor120050.00
Sachintha Ravindu c Wanuja Sahan b Ranmith Jayasena221500146.67
Dunith Wellalage c Nipunaka Fonseka b Santhush Gunathilake191500126.67
Ashen Daniel not out560083.33
Shalinda Senevirathne not out9900100.00
Extras9 (b 0 , lb 4 , nb 4, w 1)
Total286/8 (60.0 Overs, RR: 4.77)
Tariq Saboor11.005124.64
Santhush Gunathilake12.015614.67
Wanuja Sahan6.002704.50
Shivan Perera4.012315.75
Kanishka Maduwantha12.015124.25
Ruwin Senevirathne8.004105.12
Ranmith Jayasena7.003324.71
Banuka de Silva c Dunith Wellalage b Ashan De Alwis4110036.36
Dinith Anjula c Johanne De Zilva b Ashen Daniel6220027.27
Santhush Gunathilake not out16119011084.74
Shannon Fernando c & b Shalinda Senevirathne25473053.19
Ranmith Jayasena st Sheran Fonseka b Ashen Daniel3130023.08
Nipunaka Fonseka b Lakshan Gamage11391028.21
Shivan Perera run out12162075.00
Kanishka Maduwantha not out891387064.49
Extras6 (b 3 , lb 0 , nb 2, w 1)
Total317/6 (79.0 Overs, RR: 4.01)
Lakshan Gamage8.002212.75
Ashan De Alwis7.003615.14
Ashen Daniel23.026522.83
Dunith Wellalage14.015904.21
Shalinda Senevirathne18.016613.67
Johanne De Zilva7.005808.29
Shevon Daniel2.00804.00