(ThePapare Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka). Matches continued at Air Force Indoor Courts, Thunmulla, after adverse weather conditions disrupted the sessions that were scheduled to be played at outdoor venues.

Colombo International School (CIS) vs St. Benedict`s College (Bens)

From the jump-ball start, both teams didn`t hesitate to hold back their skills, as the game was contested  at the most top level. It was Shivanga De Silva who did most of the scoring for CIS.    

The CIS defence was efficient with their fast moving players, who made sure they kept the opposition away from the ring. Bens did penetrate through but their efforts were not converted in to points. Apart from the misses Bens were miserable from downtown. Going into lemons, CIS led the game 28 -14.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Group Stages – Boys | 07.09.2017 | Evening Session 01

From the start of the 3rd quarter, Bens seemed to have found the rhythm as they were ticking the score board and cutting down the deficit. Yet, Shivanga De Silva was unstoppable. He kept on ticking the score board stunning the defence. Even though Bens did make inroads into the game, the early lead did the trick for CIS. As the clock ticked down CIS registered victory, 63-57.

 St. Joseph’s College, Wattala (SJCW) vs. Kingswood College – Kandy (KCK)

The game was fought neck to neck from the tip-off. Even though SJCW did close down the maiden quarter with a seven-point lead, 14-7, KCK made sure they cut down the deficit to shift the momentum towards them. KCK tightened screws in defenc`e which slowed down the scoring rate of the opposition. Going into the ten-minute break, KCK led the game by five points, 27-22.     

KCK stepped into the second half of the tournament with a lead, SJCW attacked well to keep them out of the contest. SJCW penetrating in drew most fouls, which were converted into points at the charity strike.

Closing the game at full time, SJCW cruised through to victory, 61-45.

Lyceum International School – Wattala (LISW) vs Gateway College – Kandy (GCK)

Since the start of the game, the game was depicted a fast paced for both sides in terms of offense and defence. LISW did step into the game as favourites but GCK lads kept on shooting from the perimeter which posed a direct threat to the Wattala lads. It was a five-point difference going into half time as LISW led, 29-24.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Group Stages – Boys | 07.09.2017 | Evening Session 02

LISW increased their lead in to double figures, leaving the Kandy lads hapless. Yet, Dineth who put up a brilliant play scored 20 of his total 29 points in the fourth quarter which included 04 three pointers. With his performance, GISW did cut back the lead but the early give away of the points haunted them at the last whistle. LISW won the game at the final whistle, 72-69.  

Colombo International School – Kandy (CISK) vs De La Salle College (DLS)

In comparison with the matches that were played earlier during the day, the game had a slow start as both teams took a considerable amount of time to settle themselves in. DLS focused more on their shooting from the perimeter but unfortunately the missed attempts caused a lot of turnovers which were turned into points by the opposition. Going into half time CISK led the game by sixteen points as the scores read, 26-13.   

There wasn’t much of a difference during the second half if the game as CISK did what they do the best; ticking the score board consistently. At full time CISK closed the game with a win, 56-41.