The finals of the Inter-International Schools’ basketball tournament is just around the corner as the final few quarterfinal matches in the boy’s division were concluded last evening at the British School Indoor basketball court. Asian International School and Colombo International School advanced forward to play in the semi-final stages of the tournament.

Asian International School vs Elizabeth Moir

Asian International School secured their spot in the semi-finals of the tournament triumphing over Elizabeth Moir with a final score of 54-43 on the board. Arnold Brendt contributed for half the teams score getting 31 points during the course of the game while Kaleb was the highest scorer for Elizabeth Moir getting 13 points during the game.

AIS started the game off and managed to maintain a marginal lead although Elizabeth Moir trailed close behind. Though the Moir players kept up with AIS, they lost the plot in their defense during the third quarter letting AIS outscore them by 9 points giving their opponents the first substantial lead of the game. The AIS players benefited from a couple opportunities at the line, allowing them to add to the deficit. Although Elizabeth Moir managed to outscore their opponents in the final quarter, the deficit had grown too large to reduce as they ran out of time and lost the quarterfinal match.

Full-time:  Asian International School-54 Elizabeth Moir-43

Colombo International School vs Gateway College Colombo

Colombo International School took the final spot in the semi-finals in a nail biting final match for the day. CIS won the match against Gateway 68-61. Mazeen Faleel and Ishira Ritigahapola both scored 13 points each for Gateway while Shivanga De Silva scored almost half the CIS points getting 31 points during the game.

Soon after the game started off from the tip-off, it was clear that both teams were equally matched as neither team managed to secure a substantial lead during the game. At the end of the first half Gateway College was leading and they managed to maintain this lead of 3 points up until the end of the third quarter. The CIS players were heavily dependent on their skipper Shivanga De Silva to call the plays and lead them when it came to their offensive plays, whereas Gateway took good use of all their players on the court moving the ball around looking for an opening to take a safe shot. Although in the final quarter of the game CIS turned the tables on Gateway outscoring them by 9 points (23-14) allowing them to take control of the scoreboard. The CIS players took good use of their chances near the line coupled with a few three-pointers during the quarter, which allowed them to maintain this lead until the final buzzer rang.

Full-time: Colombo International School-68 Gateway College Colombo-61