Sri Lanka Cyber Games : The Pinnacle of Sri Lankan eSports

Sri Lanka Cyber Games

9 years ago, playing a computer game competitively was a just a dream in Sri Lanka, until of course was founded on the 24th of March 2007 by a group of friends with the same ambition; to promote eSports in Sri Lanka and bring the sport to the level of International standards.

The Road to Sri Lanka Cyber Games

Every Cyber Athlete’s season kicks off with the series which covers a majority of the competitive titles played at SLCG online, such as DotA2, CS:GO, CoD4 and FIFA. Apart from the online tournaments, concurrently organizes the ‘Kings of Lan’ tournaments. With a variety of tournaments to be played, the players of various clans and teams get plenty of match practice and enough of time to get their team chemistry right (not forgetting multiple roster changes) for the ultimate showdown in the Sri Lanka Cyber Games.

Southern Qualifiers

For the first time in the SLCG’s 8 year history, the games went to the Southern coastal city of Galle for the first of the 4 qualifiers. The coastal city of Galle welcomed the organizers of SLCG with open arms as this is the first time that eSports has been to Galle. As expected, the crowd turned up to claim a spot to represent Galle at the Main Event in Colombo.


Call of Duty 4
Winner – We Own All
Runner Up – nOOb Alliance.Walkers

Mortal Kombat XL
Winner – nA. Demigod
Runner Up – Mohamed Mubarak

DotA 2
Winner – x3.Guardianz
Runner Up – x3.Xenocide

Winner – Imalka Madushan
Runner Up – Gayan Paranavithana

Project Cars
Winner – Vinu Pathirana
Runner Up – Malith Amarawickrama

Northern Qualifiers

In the beginning nobody ever foresaw the expansion of SLCG to the Northern Province. 7 years after the civil war ended in Sri Lanka, Jaffna was a battlefield for a different set of soldiers or what we eSports enthusiasts like to call Cyber Athletes. It was a fresh experience for most of these lads and they proved eSports is here to stay in the Northern Province.


Call of Duty 4
Winner – Team Nopps
Runner Up – Team Marines

DotA 2
Winner – nOOb Alliance. Freedom Squad
Runner Up – Steel 5

Winner – Thulaxshika S
Runner Up – Kabilan T

Central Qualifiers

Finally the games marched up the hill capital of Kandy for the Central Qualifiers. Another milestone for the Central Qualifiers was the inclusion of the Kandy Comic Con. As expected the crowd came in numbers to the Kandy City Center, as various characters such the Joker, Jon Snow, Spiderman just to name a few. There was also the panel discussions for the upcoming Sri Lankan TV Series Aloka Udapadi along with the crew from PRUVE sharing their insights on the geek ethos.


Call of Duty 4
Winner – TM.420.GHLK
Runner Up – Remember Me

DotA 2
Winner – nA.Nuke
Runner Up – Just For Fun

With the end of the qualifiers in the outer reaches of Sri Lanka, all eyes will be on the Colombo Qualifiers which will be held on the 9th and 10th of December at the BMICH, followed by the Main Event on the 11th of December. Colombo Comic Con will also be a feature at the games in Colombo. For the 5th consecutive year has partnered up with Dialog Gaming to bring you the highlight of the gaming calendar.