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Another win for Commercial Credit

Another win for Commercial Credit

Amrit Edirisooriya

The newest addition to the ‘A’ division of the Mercantile Basketball League, Dialog, faced off against the defending champions Commercial Credit. Read on to see how the underdogs faired.

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The game started off by Dialog getting the ball first but it was Commercial Credit who drew first blood. Dialog scored thereafter through a free shot opportunity. As the game progressed both sides showcased excellent defensive strategies with Commercial Credit opting for a man to man defence. During the quarter Commercial Credit had more rebounds collected and had better shot accuracy giving them a marginal lead at the end of the first 10 minutes.

First-Quarter: Commercial Credit - 13 : Dialog - 8

Commercial Credit tried their luck from downtown on numerous occasions but it wasn’t too successful although they recovered immediately and got back to their defensive positions after a failed attempt. Although Dialog capitalized on these failed attempts and towards the latter part of the half turned the tables on Commercial Credit. This unexpected twist in the game turned it into a thrilling encounter as the underdogs gave the defending champions a run for their money.


Second-Quarter: Commercial Credit - 19 : Dialog - 21

Dialog’s glory was short lived as Commercial Credit took back the lead after finally getting their attempts from beyond the perimeter to connect. A few well timed full court presses by Commercial Credit gave them back control of the game after a few successive shots. Although to their surprise Dialog closed the gap and at one point levelled the scores once again. Commercial Credit got a couple shots in the last minute as they lead into the final quarter.

Third-Quarter: Commercial Credit - 32 : Dialog - 28

Photos : 27th Mercantile Basketball League

It was a close game in which both teams took turns at taking the lead making this the most crucial quarter of the game. Commercial Credit was looking to capitalize on fast breaks and take the lead once again. Towards the final few minutes, Dialog began to slow down giving Commercial Credit a couple open shots allowing them to take a marginal lead once again. Dialog was trailing close behind attempting to reduce the deficit but unfortunately ran out of time as Commercial Credit took the victory by 6 points.

Fourth-Quarter: Commercial Credit - 46 : Dialog - 40

Speaking to the coach of the winning team he had this to say to; “Dialog played very well, they played a more physical game than us. We still lack the required level of mobility to win this tournament but we’re getting a 10-day break in which we hope to improve these faults and come back stronger for the next match”

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