All to play for in the Dialog Inter Club 7’s 2nd leg


Sevens action will return to the Racecourse grounds this weekend as the second leg of the Dialog Inter Club 7’s kicks off on the 16th of June 2018 with 15 teams competing in the business end of the competition.

This year’s Dialog Inter Club 7’s that kicked off on the 9th of June with the participation of 16 teams saw the defending champions of the Dialog Rugby League Kandy Sports Club clinching the title defeating Police Sports Club 26-05.

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The cops were helpless against a star-studded Kandy outfit with the likes of Danushka Ranjan (R), Danush Dayan and Gayan Weeraratne

The Cops who made it to a cup championship after a lapse of over two decades were impressive all throughout their campaign causing early upset in the quarterfinals defeating Havelock SC.

The team standings at the conclusion of the 1st leg is as follows:

Team PositionRanking Points
Kandy SC50
Police SC46
Air Force A42
C H & F C A39
Navy – A36
Army – A33
Navy – B30
Havelock SC27
Police – B24
C H & F C – B21
Army – B18
Air Force – B12
Navy – C9
Galle R F C6
Sabaragamuwa R F C3

With the winners of the 1st leg Kandy Sports Club pulled out of the competition soon after their triumph and later with Havelock Sports Club also opting out, Police Sports Club, Air Force SC and CH & FC A are within reachable distance to win this year’s sevens series title.

CR & FC who did not participate in the earlier leg had given the green light to the tournament organizers to participate and will be a team to look out for this weekend.

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The fixtures for 16th of June is as follows:

Match #TimeGroupPoolPoolTeamVsTeam
19.009.20Group – AA-1A-4Police S. C.  A vsC R & F C
29.209.40Group – AA-2A-3C. H . & F. C.  B vsArmy S. C.  B
39.4010.00Group – BB-1B-4Air Force S. C.  A vs
410.0010.20Group – BB-2B-3Police S. C.  B vsPeterson S. C.  A
510.2010.40Group – CC-1C-4C. H . & F. C.  A vsPeterson S. C.  B
610.4011.00Group – CC-2C-3Navy S. C.  B vsNavy S. C.  C
711.0011.20Group – DD-1D-4Navy S. C.  A vsArmy Keterians
811.2011.40Group – DD-2D-3Army S. C.  A vsGalle R. F. C.
911.4012.00Group – AA-1A-3Police S. C.  A vsArmy S. C.  B
1012.0012.20Group – AA-2A-4C. H . & F. C.  B vsC R & F C
1112.2012.40Group – BB-1B-3Air Force S. C.  A vsPeterson S. C.  A
1212.4013.00Group – BB-2B-4Police S. C.  B vs
1314.0014.20Group – CC-1C-3C. H . & F. C.  A vsNavy S. C.  C
1414.2014.40Group – CC-2C-4Navy S. C.  B vsPeterson S. C.  B
1514.4015.00Group – DD-1D-3Navy S. C.  A vsGalle R. F. C.
1615.0015.20Group – DD-2D-4Army S. C.  A vsArmy Keterians
1715.2015.40Group – AA-3A-4Army S. C.  B vsC R & F C
1815.4016.00Group – AA-1A-2Police S. C.  A vsC. H . & F. C.  B
1916.0016.20Group – BB-3B-4Peterson S. C.  A vs
2016.2016.40Group – BB-1B-2Air Force S. C.  A vsPolice S. C.  B
2116.4017.00Group – CC-3C-4Navy S. C.  C vsPeterson S. C.  B
2217.0017.20Group – CC-1C-2C. H . & F. C.  A vsNavy S. C.  B
2317.2017.40Group – DD-3D-4Galle R. F. C.vsArmy Keterians
2417.4018.00Group – DD-1D-2Navy S. C.  A vsArmy S. C.  A

The second day(17th) will kick off at 11.00 a.m. with the all important quarterfinals working off progressing on to the cup finals that is expected to be played under lights.

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