Peter’s and Gateway into the semi-finals

St. Peter’s

The quarter-finals of the Under 15 ‘A’ division basketball championship was held yesterday at the St. Peter’s College basketball court and it ended with Gateway College and St. Peter’s making their way into the semi-finals of the tournament.

The first match between Gateway College and CIS went in favour of Gateway (71-56) and while St. Peter’s got the better of British School in the 2nd game(82-50).

Gateway College vs. Colombo International School

The game started off tight with both teams giving it their best to take an early lead. Towards the end of the first 10 minutes, it was Gateway who had the edge by scoring a couple from beyond the perimeter and taking control of the game. Although CIS wasn’t as successful with their shooting attempts, a majority of their points were gained at the free shot line taking advantage of the fouls of the other team. It was a tight game going into lemons as Gateway led by just 7 points.

Half-time: Gateway College – 35 Colombo International School – 27

The second half of the game was no different with Gateway still high on the fouls giving CIS many opportunities at the line to score. Although CIS had a tight defense Mithesh Thurairajah and Tharin Ranawake were the crucial players for Gateway, scoring 24 points each. The majority of those points were scored from beyond the perimeter, giving Gateway the edge. Although they made their fair share of mistakes on the court it was too late for CIS to reduce the deficit and change the tide of the game. The accumulation of the small point differences created in each quarter came back to haunt them as they lost by 15 points.

Full-time: Gateway College – 71 Colombo International School – 56

St. Peter’s College vs British School in Colombo

The game was started off by the boys from British School but it was stolen and successfully converted into a shot by the home team. The Peter-ites did a good job at working the ball between all 5 players with great team coordination, allowing them to take control of the game from the very start. They used the home court advantage well, sinking in shot after shot from downtown leaving British School trailing behind. Although the Peterites had a good offence they made too many defensive fouls allowing their opponents score at the free shot line and close the margin as they headed into lemons leading by just 4 points.

Half-time: St. Peter’s College -37 British School in Colombo – 33

As the second half started the Peter-ites came into the game with a new defensive strategy, switching to a full-court press to try and reduce the baskets taken. Halfway into the quarter British School lost the plot of the game not being able to get through the opposition defence and losing the ball from the first pass itself which allowed the Peter-ites to get consecutive shots and increase the deficit. With a well-balanced team and with Hammaad playing a crucial role in the Peters offence they were able to move on into the semi-final without much difficulty.

Full-time: St. Peter’s College -82 British School in Colombo – 50

Speaking to the coach of the St. Peter’s team after their victory he had this to say to “Although we played a good passing game I don’t think we performed at our full potential and hopefully we will be able to for the matches to come”