Musaeus College take honours at 14th LCMC regatta


The 14th edition of the Ladies’ College vs Musaeus College Regatta came to end with the Beira painted in blue and yellow as Musaeus College beat Ladies’ College 27-25.

Ladies’ College stepped into the boat with many hopes yet Musaeus College had the psychological advantage as they took home the trophy last year by dominating the waters in every aspect.

Maedhani De Alwis got Musaeus off to a brilliant start by beating Anelka Karunarathne in the B sculls race with a timing of 4.21 minutes to 4.36 minutes. However, the most experienced rower for Ladies’, Ishara Abbey secured a new record in the A scull event as she beat Binali De Alwis by 4.21 minutes to 4. 44 minutes to level things up.

Abbey together with vice-captain Nihara Waravita renewed their own existing record of the A double sculls as they beat Thanushi Perera and Nishadhi Mayadunne of MC with a timing of 4.17 minutes to 4.25 minutes. In the B double scull event Musaeus College Captain Senuri De Silva together with Medhani De Alwis beat Anya Dewapura and Anithhra Fernando with a timing of 4.12 minutes to 4.23 minutes.

Medhani De Alwis and Senuri De Silva again updated the record books by beating Ashvini Subasinghe and Nihara Waravita in the A pair event with a timing of 4.02 minutes to 4.15 minutes. Going into the B pair yet again, Ranuli Wickramasekara and Binali De Alwis beat Grabriel Senanayake and Ayani Perera by 4.15 mnutes to 4.27 minutes.

Ayani Perera, Avani Samarasinghe, Anithra Fernando, Gabrielle Senanayake and Chalya Rodrigo won the C four race for Ladies’ College by beating Dinuri Gunarathne, Nethmini Sirimanne, Ishanka Hewakuruppu, Binuri Gunawardaene and Dinara Feranando of Musaeus College by 4.10 minutes to 4.25 minutes. Musaeus College registered victory in the B four race with an excellent timing of 4.01 minutes. The crew comprised of Thanushi Perera, Randini De Silva, Mayanthi Weerakoon, Hashini Hettigoda, Lishadhi Mayadunne.

In the Old girls fours race Ashvini Jayathileke, Niseni Hewamallika, Anuki Hewamallika, Megara Wijemanne and Dinara Fernando of Musaeus College saw off Ladies’ College beating Ashmitha Gunarathne, Chanika Gunarathne, Denise Koch, Jeshani Sri Kumar and Tehani walpola with a timing of 4.40 minutes to 5.09 minutes.

Even though a four race was remaining, Musaeus were assured of the overall victory after claming the majority of titles. However, with lot of pressure Ladies’ College won the A four race with a timing of 3 minutes and 56 seconds. The crew comprised of Ishara Abbey, Davina Koch, Nihara Waravita, Janindri Fernando and Ashvini Subasinghe.