After months of anticipation the schools rugby season kicked off this weekend with 10 teams looking for honours in the “A” Division.

After last year’s grueling 10 week season the Schools Rugby Football Union demoted two teams to the “B” division; DS Senanayake College and Vidyartha College (Suspended from A Division) whilst promoting two teams Dharmaraja (who were unbeaten in the “B” Division) and Wesley College.

We here at ThePapare will be complying Schools Rugby Points Table in the coming weeks. But we want to establish some ground rules regarding the points table before we begin.

The points table is made up of two type of points; first been the points awarded for the Match result which we have established to be 5 points for a win, 2.5 for a draw and 1 point for losing. The second type of points is Bonus points which we have established to be-

i.0.50 bonus points are awarded to each team that score 4 or more tires in a match 

ii.0.50 bonus points are awarded to each team that loses a match within a score margin of 5 or below 

iii.0.50 bonus points are awarded to the team that scores more tries in a tied game.

Therefore the Total Points will the addition on 1) Points for match results 2) Bonus points. 

Tie Breakers

1.If two or more teams are level of total points, the team that has scored more tries will be ranked higher.

2.If they are still level the team with the highest points for will be ranked higher.

Click Here to view the Week 1 Points Table



dumiReply | (108) | (73)

Double LOL @ Benjamin.

DilshanReply | (108) | (67)

TCK vs Dharmarajah- overshadowed by alleged ineligible Dharmaraja player!

Whats the hell is happening this early in the season- hope they get to the buttom of this immediately if not it will taunt us later on in the league!

BenjaminReply | (100) | (69)

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