To all the rugby lovers from every school there is a small message to be passed from me. With another 2 days to go, the schools rugby season will kick off at the Royal College Sports Complex and the first match will be played between Royal College Colombo vs. Science College Mt. Lavinia.


So what I’m trying to tell you is be with your school teams and support them with a huge cheer. That will lift their moral level and the talent. I hope there is no violence between any teams. Everyone is representing your school. Respect your school and make your College proud. This is a game where you can find real team players and real sports lovers. Be there to catch some live actions and will have some great fun brothers. And wishing all the schools teams the best of luck for the upcoming season.

This message was posted by Ikramul Hussain (A ardent rugby fan).


Ikram- makes the first blunder Royal Science is not the certain raiser.

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Well said brotha! Hope all participants take these advice and take up the game with true spirits. Cheers to all the teams :)

Firnaz NajimudeenReply | (70) | (61)

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