Kingswood vs St. Anthony's match suspended due to brawl involving the teams.. KCK 6 v SACK 5



3rd Class Work From Kingswood College.Need To Be Shame For That Behaviour.

RandikaReply | (32) | (48)

kingswood players got injured after the so called HAKA.... what a funny incident.. they didn't know there were hundreds of video cameras rolling. no brain like stray dogs......!

chandikaReply | (53) | (45)

Well Kingswood will come good since the tainted principal of Kingswood who is the president of the Schools body who also cleared Vidyartha last year and gave the verdict which bemused the Great Kaplan who was here. He will make sure Kingswood go scot free. If he has dignity or self integrity he will make that bold move by banning the team for causing the rift.

Shanaka PereraReply | (55) | (42)

desperation overtakes sportsmanship

ikramReply | (49) | (54)

I am not surprised at all. Kingswood is the Isipatana of Kandy. We have gone to Kandy many times to play them over the years and has had the bus stoned or players hit by poles. So I am not surprised at all.

RenukaReply | (48) | (42)

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