The day 02 of the All Island Schools’ Games turned out to be one with some exciting turn of events. Most of the medals that were given out were won by the athletes of the Western Province.

Many of the finals held for the day were in the Field events where athletes from all over the island competed for the throwing and jumping events which gave away a total of 39 medals. The Track finals of the day were the 400m finals which gave away 24 medals to both girls and boys; this was concluded after having the semi finals in the morning session.

Photo Album: All Island School Games 2016 – Day 2

Of the finals held there was a new meet record set by M.K.Poornima Gunarathna in U19 Javelin throw. A few other outstanding performers were N.P.L.Keshan who participated in the U19 boy’s shot put, C.Henrina of U17 girls Pole Vault, C.Anisha Dilshani of U21 girls Discuss Throw and Nipun Kavindu of U19 boys Long Jump. All players won gold for their respective provinces.

The day started with issuing results for the day 01 field events and the award ceremonies. Four of the awarding ceremonies were held which gave away medals to

U17 Boys Discuss Throw.
1. Manesh Milantha (Northern Province)
2. Deshan Dhananjaya (Western province)
3. D Senarath (Sabaragamuwa Province)

U19 Boys Javelin Throw.
1. Prasanna Ranawaka (North Western Province)
2. Shakar Kumar (sourthern province)
3. P. Bawantha (Central Province)

U17 Girls High Jump.
1. Koshala Amarasinghe
2. Madubashini Perera
3. C. Herina

U19 Pole Vault.
1. Nimaya Somarathna
2. S.Dilhani
3. B.kirija

Soon after the U17, U19 and U21 1500m heats kicked off which took up most of the morning session. Next the Hurdles 100m and 110m athletes were seen competing. This too were the heats as the previously held 1500m but this included the U15’s as well.

Soon after the break the semi finals for the athletes who qualified were carried out in the 100m and 110m Hurdles. The finals are to be held tomorrow (day 03) which also includes the finals of the 1500m.

Photo Album: All Island School Games 2016 – Day 1

The field events that took place today turned to be rather competitive. Many players won Colours for their respective events as well.

The U19 Shot Put for boys was the first field event of the day where L.Keshan won the gold medal with a distance of 13.61m. The second and third places were respectively won by Supun Fernando and Ravindu shehan with distances of 13.37m and 13.18m.

The Field events saw the medals being awarded in the order of

U21 Triple Jump Boys.
1. K. Perera
2. G. Dhananjaya
3. T.Ravishan

U17 Girls Pole Vault
1. C Henrina
2. T Thivija
3. S Shankavi

U21 Boys’ Discus Throw.
1. Anisha Dilshani
2. C.Weerasinghe
3. T. kawindi

U15 Long Jump Boys.
1. Hirusha Hashen
2. Shan Amantha
3. Pasindu Sithumina

U15 Discuss Throw Girls
1. S.Gunasekara
2. Heshani Maheshika
3. I. Appuhamy

U17 Javelin Throw Girls
1. D.Ariyarathna
2. Hashini Tharushi
3. Hasini shehara

U15 Boys’ Shot put
1. J.Rishanan
2. Sasanka Wijesinghe
3. Chamod Hiruna

U19 Boys’ Long Jump
1. Nipun Kavindu
2. Irusha Malinda
3. A.Aabith

U17 Boys’ High Jump
1. V.Kasthuriarachchi
2. R.Jayalath
3. D.Chandrathna

U21 Boys Pole vault.
1. C.Weerarathna
2. B.Nithushan
3. S.Niroshan

The Track Event Finals were of the 400m.

U15 400m Girls.
1. Shanika Lakshani
2. Nethmi Nimsara
3. Keshani Randula

U15 400m Boys.
1. M.Perera
2. N. Rathnayake
3. Subodha Sandushan

U17 400m Boys.
1. M.Bogoda
2. O. Adal Padadu
3. Adeesha Anjana

U17 400m Girls.
1. Tharaka Diviyanjali
2. Sadamali Pushpalatha
3. P.Bandara