1st day of the 2nd National trial that will finalize the squad for the Asian Athletic championship commenced today (01st) at the Diyagama Mahinda Rajapakse Stadium.

A day which reconfirmed the talent and most importantly the commitment the athletes of the Island have for their respective event. Three national records were broken in the field events today while there was plenty promise shown in the track events where athletes achieved their personal best.

Kapukotuwa re asserts his Shot put dominance

Charith Kapukotuwa
Charith Kapukotuwa – File Photo

Royalist Charith Kapukotuwa who made a return to the island shores after being away in the USA  due to study and work commitments renewed his own national record in the Men’s Shot put event. Kapukotuwa recorded a distance of 17.55m to clinch the top spot and with it bettering his own national record. Having gained valuable experience participating in several athletic meets in the USA Kapukotowa has developed a self-discipline that assists him in preparing himself for competition and has turned out to be successful as he bettered his previous record of 17.03m (outdoor). Kapukotuwa is  undoubtedly a  Sri Lankan throwing prodigy as he currently also holds the national record for the hammer throw event.  

Record breaking vaulters

In both Men’s and Women’s Pole vault events the current national record holders renewed their records soaring to new heights yet again and have made it a practice to constantly raise the bar (literally ) every time they take the pole to the field.

Ishara Sandaruwan
Ishara Sandaruwan – breaking national record in Jaffna

In the men’s Pole vault Ishara Sandaruwan bettered his own national record of 5.10m achieved at the Jaffna Duraiyappah stadium and cleared a distance of 5.11m. It’s an impressive feat by the South Asian Games (SAG) Gold medalist as he is proof that if there is a will you will get results despite all the obstacles in your way. Previously in Jaffna Sandaruwan had to battle with the strong wind that was blowing across the Durayiappah stadium as well as lack of competition as he took his first jump just 10cm short of the silver medal mark of 4.50m and had to battle his way till 5.10m by himself. Sanduruwan failed his self set target of 5.20m here at the trials. Again it was not ideal conditions for the vaulter as the skies had opened up during his jumps in a barely usable track that gives no assistance to the jumpers. Sandaruwan however will have consolation at the fact that he managed to better the national record and will be working harder on improving his rhythm that is ever so crucial in this unique culture of pole vaulting.

Anitha seconds before her record jump

Sandaruwan was not alone reaching new heights as the National record holding vaulting star from Jaffna 20 year old Anitha Jegathiswaran also renewed her own national record in the women’s pole vault with a performance of 3.46m.  It is the third time this impressive youngster has improved her own record after first laying claim to the national record at the junior national meet last year. It’s again a story of commited work from the athlete and her coach C. Subashkaran as they together have worked tremendously hard to achieve success in the event. Anitha first impressed in 2014 as a 17 year old school girl when she equaled then national record and has shown steady progress since and definitely is a huge future prospect as she is merely 20 years of age and will improve with the correct exposure and experience. Anitha will be participating in her debut international representation of the country at the upcoming Thailand open meet and is praise worthy as the budding athlete will be given a much deserved opportunity to perform against a competitive international opposition in conditions that are supportive to her event unlike in grass or the barely functional Diyagama stadium at home.

Fastest 100m dash witnessed on the Island shores

Vinoj Suranjaya
Vinoj Suranjaya’s historic finish – fastest 100m in Sri Lanka

Speedster Vinoj Suranjaya sprinted the fastest time recorded ever on the island shores with a time of 10.30 in the 100m heats and finished the day with a time of 10.32 in the finals. SAG 200m Gold medalist is turning a lot of heads with his impressive performances in the shorter race as his time of 10.30 in the heat is the best time for the 100m dash for a Sri Lankan athlete this season.  Both times by Vinoj are well within the Asian Athletic championship qualification standard and will be interesting to see whether the Athletic Assosiation of Sri Lanka (AASL) will include two athletes from Sri Lanka, with SAG medalist in the 100m Himasha Eshan being the top contender to get the nod for the Championship.

Rumeshika Ratnayake
Rumeshika Ratnayake equals her medal earning PB

In the women’s 100m dash fellow SAG medalist Rumeshika Ratnayake equaled his personal best time of 11.60secs which won her the podium finish at the SAG and is a welcome return to form for the athlete. Rumeshika achieved her seasonal best at the second leg of the Asian Grand Prix clocking a time of 11.81secs and it is encouraging to note that she has managed to shave off .20 secs despite running on a worn out track in rainy conditions. Ratnayake finished the day with a controlled effort in the final which was timed at 11.74secs and will be eagerly looking forward for next month’s assignment in India.

Full results of Day 01 of 2nd National trials for the Asian Athletic Championship

Athletics Association of Sri Lanka
2nd Trial
at Mahinda Rajapaksha Stadium Diyagama 01st & 02nd June 2017
Final Results
Event No10110000mMenFinal
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
133RAPD AnurasiriSL NAVY31:44.61
291KAS RatnayakeSL Army31:56.16
3270Mahesh GunathilakeUnattached31:57.71
474BU VijithakumaraSL Army32:01.27
5103KAH PamalalSL Army32:17.89
6277KGR Saman KumaraSL Army32:31.62
Event No1025000mWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1345UKN RathnayakaSL Army16:32.98
2334HMN NandasenaSL Army17:36.90
3329YMIDD KumariSL Army18:06.90
4400RDHT PriyadarshaniSL Air Force18:37.57
Event No103Pole VaultMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1234MHI SandaruwanSL Air Force5.11*NSLR
2149HD Chinthaka DineshSL Army4.40
373KACP SenarathneSL Army4.30
Event No104Long JumpWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1301Anjani PulwansaUn attached5.95
2430KK Ridma NishadiSL Schools AA5.85
3407DVCM ThilakarathnaSL Air Force5.72
4311MKP Jayamali GunarathnaSL Schools AA5.63
5431HK MaduwanthiSL Air Force5.60
6403RWI MaduwanthiSL Air Force5.60
7428TKAG Wasana ChathurangiMatara DAA5.37
8423JAD JayarathnaSL Universities SA4.97
Event No105Shot PutMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
132Charith KapukotuwaLanka Lions SC17.55*NSLR
2169AJD PereraSL Navy15.43
3108Samitha JayawardanaSL Army15.24
470S JayakodiSL Army13.86
5135BD DelvilaSL Army13.75
6131HC FerdinadesSL Army13.23
778WSM FernandoSL Army13.21
8192WNH UpenderSL Police SC12.85
Event No106Discus ThrowWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1424AE De SilvaLanka Lions44.16
2332EP NilminiSL Army33.54
Event No1071500mWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1367GTA AbeyrathnaSL Navy4:22.75
Event No1081500mMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1118RA Sajeewa LakmalSL Army3:54.05
214GR ChathurangaSL Army3:54.82
315HKP KumaraSL Army3:57.84
4227WMJE WeerasingheSL Air Force4:00.60
5167RBS KumarathungaSL Navy4:03.68
Event No110100mWomenHeat 1 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1305RMR RathnayakaKegalle DAA11.60(+ 0.4)
2421DT Amasha De SilvaSL Schools AA12.01
3362MASS JayathilakaSL Army12.34
4337AGTS KarunathilakaSL Army12.57
5384Sharmila JanSL Schools AA12.57
6388NH HendrasonSL Air Force12.61
7328SPDSM JayathilakaSL Army12.69
8393PDYN AbeywickramaSL Air Force13.00
Event No110100mWomenHeat 2 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1344WVL SugandiSL Army12.17(- 1.2)
2361MGRS FerdinandesSL Army12.25
3391SL VidanadurugeSL Air Force12.27
4330AIMRAC MaralandaSL Army12.54
5307TMMP WeerasooriyaKegalle DAA12.63
6394WPMKER WickramasooriyaSL Air Force13.05
7432F Shafiya YamickSL Schools AA13.22
Event No111100mMenHeat 1 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1119ALM AshrafuSL Army10.64
2110Shehan AbepitiyaSL Army10.73
3183KSL WickmasingheSL Army10.91
4102RDUS SurendraSL Army10.96
5264GC RanaweeeraSL Schools AA11.05
6247K KavindaSL Air Force11.18
754JMJMK JayasundaraSL Army11.21
8258YCM YodasingheKegalle DAA11.32
Event No111100mMenHeat 2 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
18MVS De SilvaGalle DAA10.30
269HSS KumaraSL Army10.72
311MS Mohamad SafranSL Army10.85
4137Fazil UdayangaSL Army10.91
5127WPDK WijethungaSL Army10.93
6121ARM RajaskanSL Army10.99
7252RDL NiroshanSL Air Force11.14
8249NDN JayawardanaSL Air Force11.31
Event No113400mWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1387DGN MadushikaSL Air Force54.16
2356EWU RathnakumariSL Army54.53
3354R NadeeshaSL Army55.68
4303MO UdayanganiSL Schools AA56.14
5350EK MadhushaniSL Army56.41
6355RDG PathmakumariSL Army56.92
7389DP HanshaniSL Air Force57.16
Event No114400mMenHeat 1 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1126MGA PremakumaraSL Army46.38 
2281HM Dilip RuwanSL Army46.41 
3113RPAD Pradeep KumaraSL Army47.11 
4298RGDN KarunarathneTrack Master SC47.89 
5280MM Pradeep MadushankaSL Army48.12 
6254MNDDM SilvaSL Air Force48.41 
713WMSS WijesundaraSL Army48.47 
Event No114400mMenHeat 2 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1120HK Kalinga KumarageSL Army47.38 
2101PRPK WeearasingheSL Army47.91 
317PMWG Tharusha DananjayaSL Schools AA47.93 
4279Harsha ChathurangaSL Army48.63 
5272ARC WeerawardhanaKegalle DAA48.91 
6215AMPLP GunarathneSL Army49.39 
727Chanaka JayasekaraUnattached49.93 
8100AHSD KumaraSL Army51.43 
Event No118Pole VaultWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1377J AniththaJaffna3.46*NSLR
2402KACK KodithuwakkuSL Air Force3.00
3309KLS Kaushalya PereraUn attached3.00
Event No120400m HurdlesWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1352TGND WickramasingheSL Army1:00.33
2350EK MadhushaniSL Army1:00.76
3395NADM LakmaliSL Air Force1:00.81
4351GAS DulaniSL Army1:01.64
5385Yamani DulanjaliUattached1:02.14
6316AGSM KarunathilakaSL Army1:04.12
7304APMS KaushalyaKegalle DAA1:04.67
Event No121400m HurdlesMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1251ALAI RanasingheSL Air Force51.57
2117S Aravinda ChathurangaSL Army51.83
3273PMPL KodikaraSL Schools AA53.72
431OK Lahiru Aruna KumaraSL Army54.24
57KMNJ GunathilakaSL Army54.94
719RMN RatnayakeSL Army57.57
Event No122Long JumpMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1238DM LiyanapathiranaSL Air Force7.89(+1.6)
2116MIM MifranSL Army7.65NWI
3133Sreshan DananjyaSL Army7.57(+0.2)
4235WP Amila JayasiriSL Air Force7.50(+0.1)
5180KKMK KarunasekaraSL Army7.49NWI
6206RMK RanjithSL Army7.44(+1.3)
735AWR SachithSL Army7.41(+1.5)
8166DMDS DissanayakeSL Navy7.37NWI
Event No123Discus ThrowMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
132Charith KapukotuwaLanka Lions SC49.91
2109ZTM AasikSL Army42.28
3232HMPADA RatnayakeSL Air Force40.76
479PSD FerandoSL Army39.26
537NP Lahiru KeshanSL Schools AA38.59
6202APT JayathilakaSL Army38.53
7193KMN SunandaPolice SC38.02
8141PDHK FernandoSL Army37.67
Event No125Javelin ThrowWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1357HLND LekamgeSL Army56.30
2373KAMP SilvaSL Navy47.98
Event No126100mWomenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1305RMR RathnayakaKegalle DAA11.74(+ 0.9)
2344WVL SugandiSL Army12.29
3391SL VidanadurugeSL Air Force12.29
4421DT Amasha De SilvaSL Schools AA12.29
5361MGRS FerdinandesSL Army12.46
6362MASS JayathilakaSL Army12.54
7330AIMRAC MaralandaSL Army12.72
8337AGTS KarunathilakaSL Army13.03
Event No127100mMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
18MVS De SilvaGalle DAA10.32(-0.1)
2119ALM AshrafuSL Army10.58
3110Shehan AbepitiyaSL Army10.65
411MS Mohamad SafranSL Army10.70
569HSS KumaraSL Army10.75
6127WPDK WijethungaSL Army10.79
7137Fazil UdayangaSL Army10.84
8183KSL WickmasingheSL Army10.85
Event No129400mMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1126MGA PremakumaraSL Army46.66
2281HM Dilip RuwanSL Army46.81
3113RPAD Pradeep KumaraSL Army47.24
417PMWG Tharusha DananjayaSL Schools AA47.34
5120HK Kalinga KumarageSL Army47.42
6298RGDN KarunarathneTrack Master SC47.73
7101PRPK WeearasingheSL Army48.10
8280MM Pradeep MadushankaSL Army48.53
E: No:130800mMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
1122HMIG Idunil HerathSL Army1:49.21
2128HA KumaraSL Army1:51.12
3214HKT FonsekaSL Army1:51.85
494AML De SoysaSL Army1:52.11
595WAD KumaraSL Army1:52.51
696AMT DeshapriyaSL Army1:53.43
714GR ChathurangaSL Army1:54.39
812PAL PeirisSL Army1:54.58
9225GV UdayangaSL Air Force1:55.21
Event No1313000m St CheMenFinal 
PositionBIBNAMEAssociation/ ClubPerformanceRemarks
172RMS PushapakumaraSL Army9:07.33
2212DGJ WijenayakeSL Army9:21.29
3107HMEUB HerathSL Army9:30.18
4221HMS Karunarathna BandaSL Army9:30.64
5226WSC FernandoSL Air Force9:42.50