6 Life Lessons learned on the rugby field

6 Life Lessons learned

So, my editor asked me to write about the things I have learnt on the Rugby field, I can write books but I have listed here some of the most important things I have picked up from the sport.

All sports in general have its own set of values and lessons, most that could be applied in real life. Lessons learnt both, in and out of the field help more than one can imagine and paves the way to making you a better human being and in turn gives you a better life.

Though most people see Rugby as just a sport, it is not. The ones who are seriously engaged in this amazing sport know how it eventually becomes a part of their lives. Being an athlete myself, I know the importance of sports and the impact it can make to one’s life. Rugby has taught me many lessons in life that I know I will not find elsewhere. It has given me so much exposure and strength to face contemporary society and the world without fear. Thus, I consider Rugby as the sport that revealed to me and to others who I really am.

Here’s some stuff I would like to share:

01. Positive thinking

All great players first start off as bench-warmers. If any one of them thought any less of themselves for not making the starting team, they would not have made it anywhere.
Therefore, sitting in the dugout with the team; watching the seniors chase that oval ball you love, makes you strive to reserve a place in the starting team. That is ‘Positivity’. The thought of making the team instead of feeling low for not making it.

02. Never give up or give in

Whining about small issues might be the way much of the rest of the world gets by, but there’s no place for it on the rugby field. Rugby players wear their injuries like a badge, and fight through the pain to get the win.

Not giving-in regardless of the age or size of the opposition, is a part of rugby. We see sixteen year olds represent their school’s first XV team. It’s all in the attitude.

03. Discipline

Punctuality, obeying the rules and showing respect are all you learn when training as a Rugby team. Turning up for practice on time, wearing the same training kits, doing the same drills over and over till your body is sore and your muscle memorizes it all teaches you hard work and discipline.

04. Respecting Authority

On the field, when the referee makes a decision you disagree with, you still call him “sir” and don’t talk back. It doesn’t mean you’re a submissive lackey – it means that you have respect for others, their opinions, decisions and mostly authority.

05. Being Patient

Though rugby is a contact game, one does not burst out raging after being tackled and brought down. Instead, you get right back up and play the game.

And if you’re playing wing it may be awhile before the ball gets out to you. But it will – you stay patient and keep your head in the game, and it’ll get out to you, and when it does you’ll have your time to shine.

06. Moving out of the comfort zone

The real world doesn’t include padding nor does Rugby. It’s the one thing that everyone knows about rugby – that the players don’t wear pads. We take the hits hard, without protection, and keep plowing forward.

This is one of the most important things learnt in rugby that you could apply in your day to day life. Thinking out of the box and moving out of your comfort zone will take you to greater heights.

All the lessons that can’t be learned or taught inside a classroom will be learnt and acquired on the field. So follow your passion, work hard and let sports reveal your true character.

Yuzraan Lantra is ThePapare crew’s latest addition. Fresh off the rugby field having played for Zahira College, we value this contribution – editor